Connect with other Delegates at ADFEST 2017 with our New Networking Tool, ADFEST Connect | 使用亚太广告节最新的社交工具ADFEST CONNECT来联系其他参会代表

为了庆祝第20届第亚太广告节,广告节主办方日前启动了一项名为ADFEST Connect的活动,在3月22日至25日泰国芭提雅Royal Cliff宾馆广告节期间,代表们可以参加本次活动以增近之间的互相了解。 To celebrate its 20th anniversary, ADFEST has launched a new networking tool called ADFEST Connect to help delegates get in touch with each other during ADFEST 2017, which kicks off next week and runs from 22nd to … »

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