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Connect with other Delegates at ADFEST 2017 with our New Networking Tool, ADFEST Connect
使用亚太广告节最新的社交工具ADFEST CONNECT来联系其他参会代表


为了庆祝第20届第亚太广告节,广告节主办方日前启动了一项名为ADFEST Connect的活动,在3月22日至25日泰国芭提雅Royal Cliff宾馆广告节期间,代表们可以参加本次活动以增近之间的互相了解。

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, ADFEST has launched a new networking tool called ADFEST Connect to help delegates get in touch with each other during ADFEST 2017, which kicks off next week and runs from 22nd to 25th March at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand.

“亚太广告节的社交性一直十分出名,但我们希望能够通过ADFEST Connect,让代表们在本届广告节上的沟通更加方便。”广告节总监Kem Suraphongchai说。

“ADFEST is already famous for being a festival that’s ideal for networking, but we wanted to launch a tool that will make it even easier for people to get in touch with each other at this year’s event,” says Kem Suraphongchai, Festival Director at ADFEST.


人们可以通过ADFEST Connect搜索参与2017届亚太广告节的代表们,并通过该软件约他们共进咖啡,开会或者碰面。

ADFEST Connect is the perfect networking tool, which allows people to search for ADFEST 2017 attendants and get in touch with them to meet up for coffee, set up meetings, or just simply catch up.

已完成注册的亚太广告节代表们可以通过或者苹果与安卓手机端的ADFEST App(iOS, Android) 下载这款软件。本届的奖项入围与最终获奖名单都可以在该软件上看到,同时还包括广告节活动、最新消息、演讲者、评审以及所有参与代表和展览者的名单。

Registered delegates of ADFEST 2017 can access ADFEST Connect online at or through the ADFEST App (iOS, Android). It’s also possible to access this year’s shortlists and winners lists via the ADFEST app, plus the festival program, all the latest news, speakers, workshops, juries, and a list of attendants and exhibitors.

如何使用ADFEST Connect | How to use ADFEST Connect

通过ADFEST Connect搜索代表的名字、公司、城市或国家,你可以给代表们发送邮件并约他们见面。软件用户名就是参会代表的ID——该ID已通过确认函发送给每个参会代表,同时用户密码就是每个用户的姓。如果你已经完成注册而尚未收到代表确认函,请联系

ADFEST Connect allows you to search for other delegates by name, company, city or country and send them an email to see if they’d like to meet up. Your Username is simply your Delegate ID, which you’ll receive as part of your Delegate Confirmation, while your Password is your Last Name. If you have registered, but have not received your Delegate Confirmation, please contact:


所有代表姓名都会显示在名单上,然而你只能给同意参与ADFEST Connect的代表发送信息。点击代表名字边上的email图标,一个可发送的浮动窗口即会出现。

All confirmed delegates will be shown in the listing, however you can only send messages to delegates who have opted to join ADFEST Connect. Simply click the email icon next to the delegate’s name and a pop-up window will appear. 


ADFEST respects the privacy of its delegates, so emails will not be made public. Other delegates will only see the email icon and your name when they send you messages, but never your email address until you reply to a delegate’s email.

登陆ADFEST Connect来参与到我们的社交网络中,你可以通过该软件浏览(或删除)你的个人信息与设定。

To join our social networking tool, login to ADFEST Connect and join (or remove yourself) via the Profile & Setting page.

2017亚太广告节将会于2017年3月22日至25日在泰国芭提雅Royal Cliff宾馆举办。

ADFEST 2017 will take place 22nd – 25th March 2017 at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand.

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