PLUSMINUS Celebrates Creativity Tomorrow, 10/16 @ TX Huaihai

How do you fit into this pretty ugly world?  如何在这个《怪·好看》世界里游刃有余? It’s a question artists, illustrators, and creative minds of PLUSMINUS collective are trying to answer with the new indie zine “Pretty Ugly.” There’ll be exactly 120 pages of pure visual outrageousness, and everything will be … »

Ailimeile creates a paper wonderland for Disney

The playful one-minute film introducing Zootopia-themed merchandize should undoubtedly grab the audience’s attention. As it indeed grabbed ours, but it also peaked our interest with a few questions about this unique Disney Zootopia x Wuling NanoEV commercial. For example, why is the … »

Weekly AD|Champion X 《这!就是街舞》 X Touching Studio

 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: Champion X 《这!就是街舞》 Creative / Production 创意/制作公司: Touching Studio EP 监制: Roy Ling Line Producer: Yang Tao Director 导演: Gerhan DoP 摄影指导: 安铮 Art Director美术指导:孟鲁越 Gaffer 灯光: 皮皮 Camera Assistant 摄影助理: 开滦 Editor剪辑师: Roy Ling Color调色: 杰哥 (Craft Creation) SFX supervisor: Gary Guan Music House音乐: Siren Studio Last … »

​Weekly AD|OPPO x OPPO Creative Lab x HAMLET Brussels

  CREDITS 制片团队 Client客户: OPPO Agency代理商: OPPO Creative Lab ECD: Joseph Lau CD: Chin Yau Chong Art Director美术指导: Chin Yau Chong Production House制作公司: HAMLET Brussels EPs 监制: Ruben Goots, Jason Felstead Producer制片: Pim Verhaert Director导演: AB/CD/CD DoP摄影指导: Martijn Melis Editor剪辑师: … »

​Weekly AD|Bananain蕉内 x BURN FILM+ x 陈墨墨

 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: Bananain蕉内 Production House 制作公司: BURN FILM+ EP 监制: 龚云 Producers 制片: 仇宇、33 Director 导演: 陈墨墨 DoP 摄影指导: 陈墨墨 Editor 剪辑师: 阿飞 Post House 后期制作: 不熬夜工作室 CG Group Lead CG组长:丁志强 CG Scene CG场景:陆曜伦、马梦奥、黄平勇 MD Stimulation MD模拟:大头 Music 音乐制作:Joe If you took part in this project … »

​Weekly AD|iQOO x 点维文化 DotWell x 林越

 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户: iQOO Agency/Production 代理商/制作:  点 维 文 化 ( DotWell) EPs 监制: 李思达(DA)、崔月(CY) Producers 制片: 狄 文 达 (David- Di)、肖聪(XC) Director 导演: 林越 DoP 摄影指导: 罗佳豪 Art Director 美术指导: Ayumi Gaffer 灯光: 刘晓华 Editors 剪辑师: 黄华健、陈宗圣 Color 调色: 周润花 Post-Producer 后期制片:亚玲   Last Weekly AD 上周广告: Weekly … »

​Weekly AD|荣耀HONOR x 赤马传媒 RedHorse Media x 卞秉彬

   CREDITS 制片团队  Client客户: HONOR 荣耀 Agency代理商: 阳狮 Production House制作公司: Red Horse Film 赤马传媒 EP 监制: 吴玉琪 Producers制片: 张旭 韩通 Director导演: 卞秉彬 DoP摄影指导: 冯晨光 1Asistant director 副导演: 李柔臻 Art Director美术指导: 张雅婷 Gaffer 灯光: 石头 Editor剪辑师: 江顺 Color调色: 丁师傅 Post Producer 后期制片: 吴玉琪 Sound Effect & Mixing 声音效果&混音: BW   Last Weekly AD 上周广告: Weekly … »

​Weekly AD|JUICE NETWORK x MOD 茂田 x 刘亚当

   CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户: BMW 宝马 Agency 代理商: JUICE NETWORK Production House 制作公司: MOD 茂田 Executive Producer 监制:Mike Wang Director 导演:刘亚当 DoP 摄影指导: 梁忠强 /陈渊 1st Assistant director 第一副导演:Berniechui Production designer 美术指导: 唐峥 Stylist 造型指导:李孟南 Editor 剪辑师: 宋暘 /小席 Color 调色: MPC Post House 后期制作:  Live Plus … »


 CREDITS 制片团队  Brand 品牌:BMW Agency 代理商:TBWA Production House 制作公司:MIDAS FILMS EP 监制:郭大伟 Producer 监制助理:高倩玮、大迎 Director 导演:魏宁 DoP 摄影指导:梁子 ARRI TRINITY:Lucanojr(意大利) TC 调色:Nikola Stefanovic( MPC ) Gaffer 灯光师:陶磊(新疆)、黄军(上海)、颜万军(北京) Art Director 美术指导:任捷文 Composer 作曲:Audioforce(德国) VFX:T1 STUDIO Editor 剪辑:魏宁 DIT:戚轩睿(新疆、北京)、SHI-史(上海) Post Producer 后期制片:小雨 Last Weekly AD … »

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