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Lenovo imagines a bright new world | 联想憧憬着一个美好的新世界


A world where there are no more traffic jams, every disease is cured, and education level is the same for all people? Maybe not yet, but Lenovo’s new heartfelt video, directed by Reynald Gresset, shows what the company has achieved and how their technology is advancing the world in under 2 minutes. 

是否存在着一个没有交通堵塞、所有疾病都能治愈、所有人的教育水平都一样的世界?也许现在还没有。但是,由Reynald Gresset导演的联想最新的走心视频,在不到2分钟的时间里展示了该公司所取得的成就,以及这项技术对世界发展的推动作用。

“Hello, world!”, the new video from Lenovo, tackles the task of showing the company’s story from its genesis until present day beautifully, and with precise emotional effect. Staying away from the “industrial film look”, or pompous aesthetic of corporate visual storytelling, the video takes the audience back to the era when computers were still an odd novelty, to the present and beyond.


To show this journey, and visualizing the sentimental script of COOLDOWN agency, Reynald Gresset of EagleMedia utilized their cinematic arsenal to the fullest, putting the human experience at the spotlight. We don’t see Lenovo’s achievements in transport, education, healthcare, aviation, and other industries through cold, impersonal machinery, but through little stories of people whose lives these technologies changed.

为了展现将COOLDOWN的以情感为中心的剧本视觉化的历程,Eagle传媒的Reynald Gresset充分利用了影视的力量,将人文体验置于聚光灯下。我们无法从冰冷且没有感情的机器中看到联想在交通、教育、医疗、航空和其他行业的成就,但是,我们可以从这些技术改变人们生活的点点滴滴的小故事中看到。

Depicting an array of characters, the video avoids the pitfalls of ‘sentimental blackmail’, a frequent attribute of Chinese ads, targeted to pull on the audience’s heartstrings. “Hello, world!” creates an image of the brand that cares, gently putting out the message that Lenovo works with every industry to push forward the intelligence tech in China and ultimately change the lives of people. “There’s still a lot we might not know, but we’ve never stopped exploring and we know well the direction we’re going”, the video text says.


Reynald Gresset, the award-winning director who joined the EagleMedia team last year, says the spot benefitted not only from a high production value, but from the incredible professionalism of the team as well. They filmed 18 scenes in 4 days, a challenge often not even doable, but made possible thanks to the crew’s dedication and production’s uncompromising stance on quality. This project is, perhaps, exemplary of how China is turning into an attractive market for Western directors, reaching international creative and visual levels in commercial films.

Reynald Gresset,作为一位备受赞誉的导演,去年加入了Eagle传媒的团队,他表示,该广告不仅仅受益于较高制作价值,还得益于团队无比专业的精神。他们在四天内拍摄了18个场景,这在一般情况下是无法实现的,但是由于团队的奉献精神以及对作品摄制的坚定立场,他们成功了。这个项目或许是一个示范,展示着中国成为了一个吸引西方导演的市场,并在商业电影领域达到国际创意和视觉水平。

In his numerous successful commercial campaigns, you can see that Reynald’s approach to filmmaking is defined by the desire to develop and create complex characters and narratives. Campaigns for brands like Google, Honda, Heineken, Ikea, MM’s, Samsung and Leroy Merlin showcase his talent in moving fluidly between narrative styles, bringing to life stories that create impact and collect awards. Lenovo’s “Hello, World!” is his first project with EagleMedia.

在Reynald执导的无数的成功商业影片中,你可以看到,他的电影制作方法取决于对开发和创造复杂的人物角色和故事的欲望。他为谷歌、本田、喜力、宜家、MM ‘s(玛氏朱古力豆)、三星、勒罗伊•梅林等品牌开展的宣传活动,展示了其自如切换叙事风格、讲述生活故事的天分,这些产生了一定的影响力,并获得了奖项。联想的“世界,你好!”是他与Eagle传媒合作的第一个项目。


Client  客户:Lenovo联想

Agency 广告商:COOLDOWN

Production 制片:Eagle Media

Director 导演:Reynald Gresset

Director Producer 制片人:Louis Saint Calbre

DOP 摄影师:Jeremy Rouse

EP:Alex Cen & Mika Tong

PM 项目经理:李佳 Li Jia

1st AD:Jo Chan

1st AC:俊辉 Jun Hui

Gaffer 灯光:Dickson

Production Designer 美术指导:小书 Xiao Shu

Editor 编辑:Terrence (Attic) & Bryan (Eagle Post)

TC:Wade Odlum

Online 线上:包俊 Bao Jun

Music 配乐:Bigknows


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