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Land Rover & MPC Shanghai Go Off-Road With Rare Motion Graphics Brand Film



Land Rover has employed full motion graphics, a medium not often used in the China market, for their new brand film.

In October 2014 Land Rover opened its first full overseas manufacturing plant in Changshu, Jiangsu province, with plans to build 130,000 vehicles each year, starting with the Range Rover Evoque. For their debut film in China, the company wanted to demonstrate that their Changshu facility would be subject to the same rigorous processes, quality control and staff training that they insist on at all their outlets worldwide. The idea for an explanatory motion infographics piece was devised in collaboration with Spark44, the agency responsible for Land Rover’s worldwide customer relationship management (CRM).



Shanghai-based production company P.I.G, highly experienced in car work, invited MPC Shanghai to pitch a visual solution and creatively execute the entire project. The critical first step was to source an animation director.  MPC Shanghai identified Toma Ever, a director with impressive animation experience on films for clients including Ferrari, Unilever, L’Oreal, Michelin, Peugeot, Maybelline, Porsche, Rover (Roewe), Audi and Adidas.  MPC then assembled a team of illustrators and motion design artists, comprising Chinese and international freelancers, to complement its in-house artists.

应经验丰富的上海制片公司P.I.G的邀请,MPC上海提出了它们的执行方案。MPC上海联系了世界著名动画导演 Toma Ever来执导本则宣传片。Ever在动画广告方面有着丰富的经验。他曾参与过拉利、联合利华、欧莱雅、米其林、标致、美宝莲、保时捷、罗孚汽车(荣 威),奥迪、阿迪达斯广告的制作。MPC上海同时组建了一支有海内外插画师和动画师组成的团队,以配合公司设计师的工作。


The delivery for the campaign included executing a five-minute animation to be used as Land Rover internal communication along with a cut down shorter version for the consumer market.  The job would represent a significant and work-intensive challenge in the four-week timeframe.   Every one of the near 300 assets was custom illustrated and rigged. The finished film has been shared on the Land Rover website and WeChat account. 

MPC General Manager Steven Marolho is hopeful that the project will leave a positive legacy, “People don’t think of motion graphics enough for advertising.  Hopefully this will demonstrate some of the medium’s potential and inspire people to consider motion graphics for future creative solutions.”



Credits 工作人员 :

Client: Landrover
Agency: Spark44
ECD: Jerry Ma
CD: Bruce Z
Agency Producer: Larry Hsien
Production Company: P.I.G China
Production Company EP: Xintai Feng / Elisha Lai
Production Company Producer: Summer Xie
Post Production: MPC
Animation Director: Toma Ever
Illustrators / Designers: Olivier Wyart, Ailadi Cortelletti,
Motion Graphics & Animation: Neo Chu, Elia Gardella, Zhou Su Su
Post Producer: Kitty Kang
Music: GAME AUDIO LAB Limited / Jean Xu & Alex Riviere
执行创意总监:Jerry Ma
创意总监:Bruce Z
广告公司制片人:Larry Hsien
制作公司执行制片人:Xintai Feng / Elisha Lai
制作公司制片人:Summer Xie
动画导演:Toma Ever
插画师/设计师:Olivier Wyart, Ailadi Cortelletti,
动态图像&动画:Neo Chu, Elia Gardella, Zhou Su Su
后期制作:Kitty Kang
音乐:GAME AUDIO LAB Limited / Jean Xu & Alex Riviere


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