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Kitchen Dilemma|厨房困局


Rapid development of takeout platforms and the usual exhausting work rhythm increasingly make kitchens the least used space in homes of young Chinese urbanites. Add overall small apartment space and we’re facing a tempting question: do modern homes still need a kitchen?


Starting from this brief, the kitchen brand Fotile decided to jump ahead of the changes, and released an unexpected commercial film at the end of March. We talked with the production company 37Film to get «behind the scenes».


The 4 minute and 30 second spot with 33.9M views on Weibo alone features famous TV host Kevin Tsai as a neutral expert, who presents the pros and cons of having a kitchen from perspectives of different characters.


With the reputation of a «wise man, who looks at things objectively and has a strong analytical ability», Kevin Tsai is a great match for the neutral presenter role. He does not represent either side, but it’s hard not to notice that in the ad he definitely enjoys homemade food.


The film was shot at the height of the virus epidemic, so the team had to move the shooting to Thailand, and finished the work in 2 days at eight different locations. 37Films shares that the final street shot was especially difficult considering Bangkok’s strict regulations on gathering in public spaces. In addition, all 12 actors had to be flown from China to Thailand, as the film, targeting mainland China, had to feature actors with pure Chinese accents.


Scenes with Kevin Tsai were shot by team B in Taipei and produced remotely, as the TV host could not leave Taiwan. In the end, thanks to Kevin Tsai’s attitude and cooperation, the shot was efficiently finished in 4 hours, half the time planned.


The video triggered a heated discussion, just as Fotile wanted — Weibo’s hashtag campaign has already generated over 1 billion views and 70K comments and counting. Making food as an expression of love and care, love of cooking vs valuing time that can be spent on things that are more fun than cooking — «need kitchen» and «no kitchen» parties present arguments evenly in the video, but netizens’ comments show that the majority is not ready to give up their kitchens just yet.



Agency 代理公司: SGAD+

Production 制片公司: 37Film

Director 导演: Yu Fenglin 禹峰林

DoP 摄影:Liu Liangyu 刘良玉

Executive Producer 监制 : Xiao Chabao 小茶包

Editor 剪辑: Shan Yao 闪耀

Art Direction 美术设计: DYLAN FILM

Service Production in Thailand 泰国制作服务商:DYLAN FILM


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