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Get your giggle on in these goofy spots for Suning | 苏宁发烧购物节,广告爆笑来袭


This quirky spot put out to draw attention to the third year of e-commerce giant Sunning’s 818 shopping festival is perfect light-hearted summer entertainment.  The almost slapstick style comedy aims to highlight the hidden enthusiasm within us all.  The short vignettes released individually on multiple Chinese platforms, including Iqiyi, PPTV, Tencent Video, and WeChat moments, showcase passionate individuals in various area like food, beauty, music, electronics, and sports.  There was also a special 40 second version released on Sunning KOL’s Weibo accounts.


Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 4.29.19 PM

Sunning is China’s third largest e-commerce platform, and like the others it has initiated its own shopping festival.  The creative was led by local Shanghai agency Karma, who worked with Sunning before in 2013 on a spot with Wu Mochou.  This time the challenge was to put something out that would help Sunning’s shopping festival stand out from the others. 


While brainstorming for the spot, Karma’s creative team came to the conclusion that everyone is an enthusiast or nuts for something, and they wanted to showcase this in a fun, humorous way.  The scenes are almost supposed to be “as if there was a hidden camera filming someone’s everyday life which reveals their secret obsessions and the value an individual finds in those seemingly silly obsessions”.



Executive Creative Director Kama Zhang with client | 执行创意总监Kama Zhang跟客户

The client was so pleased with the final 15 second spot, there were no edits required after the first delivery.  Certainly a relief from the whole team, who shot the combined spots in two days during Shanghai’s heat spell with temperatures getting up to 42 Celsius.  Production and post was executed by Gwantsi, a go-to production company for Karma.


The results of the campaign for Sunning’s sales are yet to be seen but these comical spots are sure to make everyone smirk a little at the funny and different things we find ourselves obsessing over.


Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 4.33.53 PM

Credits 制作团队
Agency 广告 : Karma
Executive Creative Director执行创意总监: Kama Zhang
Art Director 艺术指导: Shuai Wang
Designer 设计 : Roc Zheng
Copy writer 文案 : Tina Tian
Account Director 客户总监: Amanda Zheng
Acoount Manager 客户经理 : Iyo Tsai
Account Executive 客户代表 : Miho Xian
Production Company 制作公司 : Gwantsi Production 观池制作
Director 导演 : Binbin Fu


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