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Dunlop – Run Towards Challenge | 邓禄普 – 向前路 不停步


Tennis superstar Wang Qiang highlights how Dunlop Tires can elevate performance in their latest film. Directed by the celebrated JB Lee, Dentsu Shanghai and Gwantsi Shanghai teamed with MPC to create a full CG 360-degree world.


With an ever-evolving idea and concept, and a very tight timeline of only three weeks after offline confirmation, MPC had to be super flexible. Working with a team of around 25-30 artists over the course of the project and collaborating with the director, agency and production MPC was able to create a whole world from scratch.


According to Lily Li, General Manger of MPC Shangai, “It was a beautiful job and we were very happy to work with director JB Lee who gave us so much inspiration during the creative concept stage.”

MPC的上海总经理Lily表示,“这是一份很棒的项目,我们非常高兴能与JB Lee导演进行合作,他在创意概念阶段给了我们很多灵感。”

The result is a unique and dynamic visual film and something “you’d never imagine as a commercial for a tire” as Lily said. But the whole approach works in the end and really gets the message across!



Agency: Dentsu Shanghai
Agency Producer: Wenjie Yang
Agency Executive Creative Director:  Zheng Li
Agency Creative: Yiwei Yang
Director: JB Lee
Production company: Gwantsi Shanghai
Production company producer: Helen Wang

Main MPC credits

VFX Supervisor: Patrick Firmansyah
Colorist: Nikola Stefanovic
Post production producer: Rachel Zhao
CG Supervisor: Christian Kalata
CG artists: John Svensson, Paolo Gnoni, Ember Chen
2D Lead: Ginesh Gandhi
2D artists: YanZhong Dai, Minnie Chen, Marielle Santens, Allegra David, Becanti Wijnbergh, Cheng Qiu, Tingting Su, Robin Liu, Eason Wu

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