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Mercedes Benz: Naughty Or Nice?



A new spot created by BBDO Beijing and produced by Eagle Media reveals the dual personality of the Mercedes Benz SUV Coupe GLC vehicle.


An angelic girl’s hidden mischievous side, a classical musician tearing into electric riffs, and a model throwing haymakers in the boxing ring are likened to the GLC’s dual functions as a city cruiser and an off-road vehicle.


本片拍摄中导演David Holm与他的老搭档摄影师到Justin Henning再度联手。影片拍摄的日程十分紧张。根据导演的预想,为了让镜头之间的转接做到天衣无缝,摄制组进行了多次机位和演员走位的排练。

The filmmaking is tight. The team rehearsed with both cameras and shot the transition shots in succession, creating a smooth result. That’s to be expected from Director David Holm, who once again linked up again with friend and long-time collaborator DOP, Justin Henning. 



A demanding schedule due to the Golden Week holiday in China only allowed ten days prep, seven days shoot and ten days in post to produce a 40-second TVC and a teaser.

片中所有镜头都是实拍所得,特效部分被压缩到了最小。为此摄制组分别在上海、苏州和内蒙古完成了所有镜头的拍摄。背景舞台与观众群也都由真人出演。美术指导Billey Kong在两周内设计并搭建了拍摄所需的所有舞台背景。

VFX are kept to a minimum.  Everything was shot in camera, on location in Shanghai, Suzhou and Inner Mongolia. The crowds and the backgrounds are real.  Credit to production designer Billey Kong for a minimal but effective set constructed in two weeks. 

音乐由新近成立的音乐工作室Big Knows制作。

Music was handled by recently founded sound production studio, Big Knows.



  • 广告公司:BBDO北京
  • 广告公司CCO:曾德龙
  • 广告公司制片:Elaine Lee
  • 制作公司:鹰美影业
  • 监制:Janine Cheng
  • 导演:David Holm
  • 摄影指导:Justin Henning
  • 美术指导:Billey Kong
  • 后期:Eagle Post
  • 剪辑:魏培昆
  • 调色师:Emmanuel Loic Baillier
  • 音乐:Big Knows


  • Agency: BBDO Beijing
  • Agency CCO: Arthur Tsang
  • Agency Producer: Elaine Lee
  • Production House: Eagle Media
  • Executive Producer: Janine Cheng
  • Director: David Holm
  • DOP: Justin Henning
  • Production Designer: Billey Kong
  • Post Production: Eagle Post
  • Offline Editor: Peikun Wei
  • Colorist: Emmanuel Loic Baillier
  • Music: Big Knows

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