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​Cadillac keeps its COOL in China|凯迪拉克在中国的“冷眼”态度


Cadillac just released an ad that relinquishes the “everything posh, fancy and dramatic” vibe typical for luxury car promotions. Here’s why it polarised the Chinese internet.


What’s the first image that comes to mind, when you hear the name “Cadillac”? Do you, like many of us, picture rows and rows of luxury vehicles worthy of American presidents and Hollywood movie stars?


While in the U.S. the brand has to deal with the stigma of promoting a vehicle considered to be an “old man’s car”, in China Cadillac opted for a marketing strategy to appeal to the younger crowd with pioneering spirit messages.



The strategy seems to be paying off, as China quickly became Cadillac’s largest market with sales still growing strong now. Considering average buyers in China are in their early to mid-30s, the brand has to communicate with its core audience. Their recent commercial film is another attempt in that direction with a twist of rather tongue-in-cheek humour which is garnering a variety of responses.



The video bombards the viewer with mundane situations in typical everyday life, suggesting if you don’t have one thing, you cannot have another. The film links these silly scenarios together by repeating “If there’s no rear wheel drive, it’s not a luxury car.” With the last scene showing a young guy focused on his phone through a short and VERY personal rainstorm and the line “If it’s not brainwashing, it’s not an advert” leads the viewer to think that perhaps this very advert is on its own not so subtle mission to brainwash.



The ad caused polarised responses, with among over 7000 Weibo users commenting along the lines of  wanting to sell their Cadillac after seeing this ad – but still others commenting that it’s interesting and they look forward to see if the film turns into a series. The simple formula of the slogan also led to netizens creating their own phrases – including, “If it doesn’t cost double your salary, it’s not luxurious” (没有双薪,不算豪华), “If you don’t have a Cadillac, don’t say you have a car”) (没有凯迪拉克,不算有车) and so on. On the brand’s official Weibo page alone, the video was reposted 11 507 times gathering 36 611 likes.

凯迪拉克的这支广告引发了两极化的评论。微博上有评论称“看完想卖了家里的凯迪拉克”,并有7000多个用户追加评论。但也有用户表示,这个广告很有意思,希望做成一个系列。广告中这些口号采用了非常简单的公式,激发了网友创建新的短语,比如“没有双薪,不算豪华”、“没有凯迪拉克,不算有车”等等。在凯迪拉克品牌官方微博账号上,该视频广告的转发量为11 507,赞数为36 611。


Client 客户:Cadillac 凯迪拉克

Creative Agency 创意代理商: 胜加 SG

Director 导演: Xu WangLiang 徐王良

Production Company 制作公司:37films 毕寅文化

Executive Producer 监制:Trouble宋亚婕

Line Producer 执行制片: He Xiaoming 贺小明

Sound design/Music 声音设计/配乐: Soundpic 杭州万像循声文化传媒有限公司

DP 摄影指导: Xing Wei 辛伟

Art Director 美术指导:Bai Shuyi 白书一

Head of production 制片主任: Huangfu Yujia 皇甫宇佳

Art 美术:Xiao Fang 晓芳

Editor/special effects 剪辑/特效: FEEL


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