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Holiday ads are here | 圣诞广告来袭


If you haven’t already been spammed with copious amounts of holiday ads, below are a few of our favorites to get you in the holiday mood.


Client: Manor; Agency: BETC Paris; Production: Passion Paris; Director: againstallodds
客户:Manor;广告:BETC Paris;制作:Passion Paris;导演:againstallodds


This adorable animation plays on every parents’ nightmare: what to get their kids for the special day.  This light-hearted mystery leaves you hanging but perhaps they are planning for a sequel ad next season!



Client: Audi; Agency: Venables Bell & Partners; Production: Biscuit Filmworks; Director: Steve Rogers
客户:奥迪;广告:Venables Bell & Partners;制作:Biscuit Filmworks;导演:Steve Rogers


Busy shopping centers are something everyone can relate to over the holidays.  Audi put together a fun number this year with two ordinary dad’s competing for parking spots and a bit more.



Client: IKEA; Agency: Rethink (Toronto); Production: Spy Films; Director: Rachel McDonald
客户:宜家;广告:Rethink(多伦多);制作:Spy Films;导演:Rachel McDonald


In this heart-wrenching 90 second spot, we dip into the life of a single mom and her son to the soothing tune of Van Morrison’s 《She gives me love, love, love 》soft beat.  As the two are going through their days the son ‘captures’ positive emotions and actions his mom performs, putting all of them in labeled bottles under the tree for his mom on Christmas morning.  If this doesn’t make your tear glands swell a little I don’t know what will.

90秒的广告令人心痛,我们走进了一位单亲妈妈和儿子的生活,背景是凡· 莫里森《She gives me love, love, love》舒缓的节奏。儿子“捕捉”妈妈那些乐观的情绪和行动,把它们统统放进有标签的瓶子里,放在树下,在圣诞节早晨送给妈妈。如果你觉得这部广告还不够催泪的话,我真不知道什么样的广告才算令人感动。

Pornhub enjoyed a pretty successful Christmas advertising debut last year, with its SFW spot about the dirty old man—and his perfect present—getting millions of views. This year, the adult site is returning with another very clever ad – a wink to other great Christmas commercials ads of past years, referencing their famous characters like  Justino, the Spanish lottery’s factory worker, and the Man on the Moon, from last year’s John Lewis spot, among those making cameos in the Pornhub ad.

Pornhub has been exploring SFW advertising for a few years now, and the new spot is definitely well produced. But they couldn’t resist a tagline that’s more naughty than nice: “Have yourself a horny little Christmas.”


Don’t let us be the judge of the best holidays ads though, get online and find the ones that you like best!


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