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PRODUCTION PERSPECTIVES 制片一览 : TurtlePro – Fast Running Production|乌龟快跑:一家跑得很快的制作公司


TurtlePro 2019 Showreel

Immediately when you hear the witty Chinese name of Beijing-based creative production house TurtlePro, your interest is piqued. And only after a few minutes combing through their reel, you’ll want to know even more about them. A short talk with the company’s founder Jett Chen, and the assumption is confirmed: ‘a turtle that runs fast’ is quite an apt metaphor for the attitude that drives this industry latecomer.

当你一听到这家位于北京的创意制作公司的中文名“乌龟快跑”,会觉得很妙,很感兴趣。花几分钟看完他们的作品集后,你就会更想了解这家公司。与该公司的创始人陈景杰(Jett Chen)进行了简短会谈后,这个推想得到了证实:“一只希望跑得很快的乌龟”,用来比喻行业后来者是一个再恰当不过的比喻。

TurtlePro’s s founder Jett Chen 陈景杰

With a few exceptions, a production house that has a niche specialization is a rare creature in China. TurtlePro, however, started exactly like that, specializing in fashion and beauty thanks to the background of Jett Chen. Having studied graphic design, he was invited by a mentor to work in the TV industry where he gradually learned the ropes of filmmaking. The work he did at a TV station landed him a spot as a videographer/video editor in a project for VOGUE. Fast-forward several years after the VOGUE project, when Jett worked as an independent director, and he founded TurtlePro in 2014.

除了少数例外,在中国,拥有特定专业领域的制片公司是罕见的。然而,因为陈景杰(Jett Chen)的个人背景,TurtlePro就是这样从其擅长时尚和美妆领域起家的。当初,平面设计专业出身的他受导师之邀进入电视行业,在那儿他慢慢学习并摸到了视频制作的门道。在电视台的工作经历让他得到了在VOGUE担任摄影师/视频剪辑师的职位。七年后,Jett成为一名独立导演,并在2014年创立了TurtlePro。

“For me, the name has two layers of meaning: first, this animal is a powerful symbol of longevity in Chinese culture. It’s also our take of the centuries-old fable about the tortoise that went into a race with the hare, and won because it persisted”.


In other words, from the get-go, TurtlePro sends a message that even though they have arrived relatively late, they’re here to stay and are determined to run faster. Six years after the start, the  including creative directors, EP, line producer, directors, editors, and even a grading colourist. According to Jett, the tight-knit team allows TurtlePro to offer full coverage of workflow, a more efficient level of quality control, and, last but not least, better budget control. With COVID-19 taking a big toll on marketing budgets across industries, this is, perhaps, an ever more relevant point.


TurtlePro’s office

“Good work doesn’t necessarily require a lot of people”, Jett says. , growing into a huge production house is not the ultimate goal for TurtlePro. It seems, that pursuing creativity and putting out more quality work that connects with a bigger audience are his primary drivers. But TurtlePro does branch out into different styles with storytelling, creative and even this virus-related works recently.


The team is interested in trying everything they haven’t produced yet: from storytelling to CG-focused films. But to keep their positioning in fashion and beauty world, the company, just last week,  called CO4. This younger company has the sole mission to keep creating remarkable and edgy works for fashion and beauty clients. Only one month after the initial idea for sub-brand was born, Jett has it up and ready to go. It’s not that in China companies have to rush into things, but as experience shows, agility and quick decision-making are crucial for success in this tough and competitive market.



And while TurtlePro can already boast of a versatile portfolio with distinctive commercial films for national and global brands spanning various industries, when asked about their favorite projects, Jett Chen humbly says “I am certain that our best work is still to come”.

如今,TurtlePro丰富多样的作品集汇聚了各行业国内外品牌的广告片,他们能够对其作品夸夸其谈时,被问到最喜欢的项目,陈景杰(Jett Chen)谦虚地说“我希望我们最好的作品永远是下一部。”

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