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Shooting in Spain with PALMA PICTURES! Zhang Ziyi did it…
English | Chinese: Jennifer Wen


Headquartered in Mallorca, Palma Pictures is one of the most modern production service companies in Europe, providing for film production companies, movie studios and TV channels around the world. With over twenty years of experience the company has serviced over 1000 television commercials and 25 feature films, including for famous shoots with celebrities like Rafael Nadal, Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Daniel Craig and Keira Knightly just to mention a few – as well as Chinese superstar Zhang Ziyi.

Spain has become one of the most favorable shooting destinations for filmmakers, including Chinese ad agencies and productions who like to bring their shoots to Spain whenever possible to take advantage of Spain’s marvelous landscapes and amazing weather all year round.

Spain’s 300 sunshine-y days per year, as well as their 9 months each year of snow-capped mountains available for ‘winter magic’ imagery help to guarantee a good shoot. Picturesque deserts, beaches, rivers, forests, traditional villages and modern cities can all be reached in a one-hour flight as well since Spain is geographically a small country.

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The Modern Architecture of this country, like the “futuristic” City of Arts and Science in Valencia, coexists perfectly with the strong cultural heritage of Spain – there are as many as 2,500 castles of diverse historical shapes and styles to be found in the country. Also, of course, there is the spectacular bullfighting, captivating horse riding and passionate dancing which are all big parts of Spanish culture and are likely to be featured in advertising scripts. Palma Pictures has been making great works by helping hundreds of film crews to capture all of the above.

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Founded in 1993 by two Swedish partners Ola and Grete Holmgren, Palma Pictures was later acquired by Mike Day and his two management partners, Trent Walton and Ramon Caravaca, with additional Swedish venture capital partners in 2007.

As one of the biggest studio complexes in Europe, Palma’s facility comprises of 4,500m2 space including 1,000 square metre fully sound proofed stage, dressing rooms, a make-up room, wardrobe room, casting suites, open-plan production spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, sun-decks, and parking for 100 vehicles as well as a restaurant and gym with a 45 person full-time staff and access to several hundred film professionals.

Palma Pictures has developed also a strong network of film professionals including animal coordinators, stunts, SFX artists and underwater camera specialists. They also have a huge range of available filming equipment, and in-house technicians familiar with the equipment to ensure fluidity of service, as well as reasonable costs.

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Their network of full-time producers in cities like Los Angeles, London, Reykjavik and Spain as well as German, French and Italian producers responsible for their various territories make everyone feel that Palma is taking great care of their clients.

CEO Mike Day explained to SHP+ on his recent visit to Shanghai that having producers speak the clients’ language, know their culture and who are living close to them is one of the most important investments in Palma Pictures’ success. At the moment they are also in search of a Chinese producer who would be dedicated to Palma’s perspective Chinese clients. Great news, isn’t it?!

“We are an extremely committed team of professionals who are determined to provide the best solutions at the best price” Mike Day says.


总部位于西班牙马略卡岛Mallorca的Palma Pictures是全欧洲最顶尖的制作服务公司。它拥有二十多年为全球的制作公司、电影工作室和电视台服务的经验。




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Palma Pictures在1993年由两名瑞典人Ola和Grete Holmgren成立,2007年由Mike Day和他的两名管理层的搭档注资。




总裁 Mike Day在最近一次的中国之行中向SHP+提到:Palma希望在中国开拓市场,而当务之急就是寻找一名可以与当地客户沟通并懂得当地文化的制作人。Mike说:“我们的专业队伍将协力为来西班牙及到欧洲拍摄的中国公司提供最具性价比的解决方案。”



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