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FCB Shanghai ECD Laments Lazy Creative


Andy Chan has enjoyed an illustrious career as an art director and creative director, spanning 25 years, leading creative teams from London to Hong Kong to Shanghai. He is currently ECD for FCB Shanghai.

SHP+ caught up with Andy at the Shanghai London Advertising Forum, following his talk in which he presented the assembled UK production and postproduction companies with the stark realities that await them should they wish to work with Chinese clients and agencies.




Working With Foreign Production Companies 与国外制作公司打交道


“Who in the west has heard of being paid a year after doing the job? It’s crazy. But that’s regular here in China. Those are just the facts.”


Following his presentation to an assembly of Chinese agency ECDs and the UK’s biggest production and postproduction players, Andy considers the benefits and the challenges of cooperation with foreign production companies.



Working With Chinese Production Companies 与中国制作公司打交道

“The creative has to be really actively involved in the selection of the production companies. These things will make your work great. If you’re not passionate about making great work, of course leave it to producers. But that, to me, is a lazy ECD and lazy creative.

Andy extols the virtues of working with a quality production company and warns of the perils of not giving the company selection the attention it demands.





Nurturing Creative Talent 培养创意人才


“Young people here don’t see this as a career. They think it’s too hard. If they don’t like it, they just leave and do something else. They jump from one job to another for a bigger title or a bigger salary package.”

Andy recalls his own creative education and laments the troubled talent situation in China.





China & Cannes 中国&戛纳广告节


“Local agencies don’t see Cannes as their destination. They care more about their business. The climate now in our business is that every renminbi counts.”

Andy assesses the Chinese presence at Cannes and how the world’s most prestigious advertising festival is regarded by the growing number of newer, local agencies.



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