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Ores办公室 – 上海 Ores Office Interior – Shanghai 


Tucked behind a tree lined street in Shanghai’s Former French Concession, Ores’ is discretely perched on the third floor of a plain tiled office building.  The business model behind Ores, an integrated communications agency, however, is far from ordinary.  Ores simultaneously opened offices four years ago in Lille, France and Shanghai, China, they claim to be a one stop shop for clients, providing support and executing a brands’ communication strategy from creative conception to planning, production, and post.


The business model in theory benefits both client and agency, reducing costs and endless back and forth communication time that often bogs down campaigns and shooting timelines.  Since every aspect of a campaign is done in-house, Ores also boasts more continuity for the brand’s marketing strategy, given the creative who crafted the original concept will also be in the same office when the post production is editing images for a digital campaign, a photo spread, or a TVC.

Hermes品牌形象中国宣传片 Hermes‘ Portrait Film for China Launch 


Global agencies and production companies will surely envy the fluidity of Ores’ business model and indeed it almost sounds too good to be true.  Combining all talents under one roof allow the creatives, producers, and others involved to get a better mark up, while clients pay less for creative campaigns and maintain the same if not better results.

过去四年的业绩也已证明Ores可以为各大国际品牌提供广泛的服务,不论是在法国还是在中国,不论是欧莱雅还是托马斯·库克,Ores的实力不在话下。团队在法国里尔创意之初只有五个人,想说服客户他们有能力独自完成包括品牌战略到后期的每一个步骤,还真不容易。然而,两位创始人Nicolas GuittardThomas Bevilacqua(迪卡侬前营销传播总监)深知广告行业的各种艰辛,依旧坚持着最初的目标提供整合服务,事实证明,像他们这样人才辈出的小团队也是可以让客户非常满意的。

Ores has demonstrated over the past four years, its ability to convert on a wide range of campaigns for international brands from L’oreal to Quechua, in France and China. Starting with a five person team in Lille, it certainly was not easy at the beginning to convince clients that every part of a campaign, from strategy to post production, would be done in-house.  The founders, comprised of Nicolas Guittard and Thomas Bevilacqua – former marketing and communications director at Decathlon – were not new of course to the challenges in the advertising industry.  The pair set out with the original goal of creating an integrated agency and have stuck to it, proving it’s possible to achieve client satisfaction with a smaller, multi-talented team.


(From L to R) Pierre Sensey – Head of strategy and CFO; Martin Granger – Business Development Director; Julien Boulard – Creative Director and GM; Tancrede Wozny – Head of Production 

而他们在进军上海时,找到了Julian Boulard(来自佛海佛瑞),Alexandre Mulliez(来自Threesome Films)和Aurelien Pelaprat(来自欧赛轮中国)加入他们。一开始他们便打造了Quechua品牌宣传广告,这个项目奠定了他们在中国的事业基础,现在Quechua仍然是他们的忠实客户。最初,公司的法国人脉是主要业务来源,但是现在上海团队后来居上,各大国际品牌更愿意跟对中国市场有一定把控和了解的公司合作。

To establish themselves in Shanghai they partnered with Julian Boulard, from Fred&Farid, Alexandre Mulliez from Threesome Films, and Aurelien Pelaprat from Oxelo China.  They landed a campaign with Quechua, a brand they still work with, which helped them originally get a foothold in China.  At the start it was Ores’ connections in France that was the main business driver for the agency.  Now it’s the Shanghai office that’s leading, as international clients are eager to work with an agency that already has a grasp of the Chinese market.

Quechua品牌宣传片 Quechua Brand FIlm  

现在,Ores有意寻找跟他们一样的小公司合作拓展客户源,希望找到跟他们技术互补的公司。Ores创意总监Julien Boulard如是描述这样的合作关系,“我们也想参与创意步骤,而不是单单执行,要不然就没劲了”。

They also have plans to expand their client base by pitching to new clients in partnership with other smaller agencies of their similar size, who compliment skills and areas of expertise where they are lacking.   In these partnerships Ores’ creative Director Julien Boulard makes it clear “we want to be part of the creative process as well, we don’t want to just execute, that would be frustrating”.


On a certain level, an integrated model is a lot about agencies and production having more creative license and control of the creative process.  While Chinese clients are notoriously demanding and will always make the final cut, an integrated agency can certainly take back a little more control on the creative flow, communication, and budget which arguably benefits all sides in terms of cost and time.

Yuesai CBeauty – 产品发布宣传片Yuesai CBeauty – Community Launch Film


Working with an integrated agency is also about brands being able to respond faster to market trends and advertising platforms that continue to evolve in a digital era.  When everything is created in-house the turn-around time is faster on campaigns that are often being launched on multiple platforms, in multiple mediums.  The ability to convert quickly is more important on digital-centric campaigns, where it feels less about quality and large TVC productions and more about the brand’s ability to stay ahead of trends and consumers by producing more consistent content, more frequently.


The young Ores team openly admits they do sometimes have to multitask to get projects accomplished.  Which perhaps indicates more the depth of their staff than a weakness.  Ores is not exaggerating when they say they complete everything in-house.  For the credits they don’t list individuals but rather prefer to simply list ‘The Ores Team’ as they consider each project a full group output.

Philips x Orès Group

飞利浦品牌形象 | Philips Image 


Along this vein, they are also more willing to risk hiring younger, less established creatives, producers, and other talent.  There is a sort of start-up vibe to the energy and pride in the Shanghai office, a mix of 20 foreigners and Chinese. Ores’ Lille office currently has a staff of forty and they are growing offices in New York and Hong Kong as well.


Ores’ success may indicate a larger trend of a dying traditional client – to agency – to production company structure.  The question now seems not to be about if agencies, production, and clients should integrate but how these three players will integrate and interact to respond to the current market.

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