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Samsung Dowses Itself With Ice & Challenges iPhone
三星自淋冰, 叫板苹果


Title: Samsung Galaxy S5 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Brand name: Samsung
Product: Samsung Galaxy S5
Agency: Cheil UK

Well this took a turn for the BEST!

Samsung jumped right onto the ALS challenge as they showed their support for the cause while highlighting its waterproof feature by throwing some shade towards its competitors.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenged has gained a lot of social media attention as they have raised $98.2 million (newest updated numbers from August 28th by BBC) so far. It has been one of the most successful social awareness campaigns yet as people around the world are continuing to take on the dare.
Samsung’s video has only been released a little over a week ago and it already has a whopping 4 million views on YouTube. Under the video description it says “Our Galaxy S5 just did it for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.” How admirable Samsung.

In the social awareness marketing stunt Samsung challenges its competitors as the video ends with the feisty female voice “Gosh, that’s freezing. I nominate the iPhone 5S, the HTC One M8 and the Nokia Lumia 930”.

The Samsung ad was completed by Cheil UK. Matt Pye the CCO of the firm had this to comment “The Ice Bucket Challenge provided the perfect opportunity for the brand to do something that was meaningful but also unexpected. Our aim with this video was to create and join a conversation around a passion point that is important to consumers, to Samsung, and to Cheil UK.”

It’s a fantastic marketing approach of beating out the competition in a simple way. Being straightforward and to the point is the marketing approach Samsung is using. It was a smart move as dozens of companies wish they would have thought of it first.

Always be creative, out of the box and relate the product to real time trends and events. That’s what Award winning Cheil UK did as that is what made them stand out from the crowd. Samsung successfully one upped their competitors tastefully.

Samsung also released an ad this summer highlighting Samsung’s durable battery versus the iPhone in the airport as the slogan was “Don’t be a wall hugger”.

Title: Galaxy S5 Wall Huggers
Brand name: Samsung
Product: Samsung Galaxy S5
Agency: 72andSunny, Los Angeles

Now, will the nominated brands accept the challenge…? SHP+ has the popcorn and candy ready.


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