​Weekly AD|「为热爱而闲不住」闲鱼 x Tianyukong 天与空 x HiCoolfilms

 CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户:闲鱼 Agency 代理:Tianyukong 天与空 Production 制作公司:HiCoolfilms EP 监制:Jonathan Zhang Producer 制片:Allen Liu Director 导演:Kevin Lee DP 摄影师:赵旭辉 Art Director 美术指导: Editor 剪辑:小席 TC:许维达(8G studio) Online:海英 Mix: Jeff Fantasy Music Studio(非凡音乐)  

Chinese banks on a cultural mission|中国银行的“文艺范儿”

Period-piece drama-like commercial films that immerse viewers in the past are a well-established genre in Chinese ad industry. They often try to convey a deeper meaning and have an educational element like last year’s award-winning mini-film “The last transaction of … »

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