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“Why they don’t come home for CNY? ” | 为什么她们过年不回家?


“Why they don’t come home for CNY?” is a four-and-a-half minute film by Forsman & Bodenfors, the agency in charge of the previous chapters of SK-II’s “Change Destiny” commercial films series. Like the ”Marriage Market Takeover” SHP+ covered two years ago, the new ad brings focus to an already much talked about social issue.

4分半短片“为什么她们过年不回家” 由Forsman & Bodenfors 公司制作,这家创意公司之前出品了SK-II“改写命运”系列广告前两部。和SHP+两年前报道的短片“她最后去了相亲角”一样,这条新的广告再次针对“催婚”这个饱受争论的社会议题。


Released after Chinese New Year, the ad features three real Chinese women, who describe the wide misunderstanding gap between them and their well-wishing parents. This gap is further enhanced by the new year celebration and traditions, which only adds to more pressure. Pressure they feel when coming home, because they know they’ll be met with a storm of questions about their marriage prospects. Alongside the three women, the ad features their families, who are expressing their opinions to their daughters with comments like “a woman should be more traditional and don’t think about doing big things”, “her problem is that she’s too independent”, or “women should not focus on career and work hard”.


The three women choose a very traditional way to try a get a breakthrough with the topic—writing their parents a letter and inviting them to meet halfway, both in terms of understanding and in the halfway location.


Just like the previous ads in SK-II’s “Change Destiny” series, this film thoughtfully tugs at the heartstrings, targeting one of the most emotional topics in China. No surprise, that it has already experienced viral success with over 18 million views on Chinese platforms in the first 24 hours, holding the position of the third hottest topic in Weibo right now.


As with the previous ads of SK II targeting sensitive issues, not everyone might be pleased with the brand’s view of it. We’ll be following up the reaction and criticism of this commercial film more in-depth in further articles.



Creative Agency | 创意公司: Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore
Production company | 制作公司: Tool of North America
China Production | 中国制作公司: P.I.G.
Producer | 制片主任: Andy Coverdale
Director | 导演: Floyd Russ
D.O.P | 摄影师:Christophe Collette
Music | 音乐:Victor Magro/Future Perfect
Editor | 剪辑:Isaac Chen

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