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Weekly AD|「H&M 不一样」Forsman & Bodenfors 事话 x Central Studios 奂镜


 CREDITS 制片团队 

Client 品牌方: H&M

Agency 广告代理: Forsman & Bodenfors 事话

Production Company 制作公司: 奂镜 Central Studios

Director / DOP 导演: Julien Ayrault

Executive Producer 监制: Rodney Evans @CS

Director Producer 导演组制片:王珺宜 NiNi Wang

1st AD: 陈鈺麟 Jo Chen

Production Designer 美术指导: 明远 Ming Yuan

Props Master 道具师: 李强 Li Qiang

1st AC: 严刚 Terry Yan

Movi: 卫斌 Wei Bin

Creative Print Producer 平面创意制片: Natasha Ivachoff @CS

Producer 制片: Maggie Cheung

Production Manager 制片经理: 傅泽 Fu Ze

Location manager 场地制片: 小于 Xiao Yu

Photographer 摄影师: Robert Nilsson

Stylist 造型师: Sharon Chiu

Hair / Make Up 妆发:Issac @Salsa studio

Casting 选角: Ming Casting House

Editor 剪辑:汉子 Dean

Colorist 校色: Ben Conkey

Online 视频后期精修:驭色 HUE

Retouching 平面后期修图: 奂镜 Central Studios

Producer 音乐制作人: John Truelove

Music artist 演唱: The Guilty Pleasures featuring “Veegee” and “David Yang“

Vocal recording / mixing / Sound design 录音/混音/音效设计: Benjamin L’hôtellier at Ker Sound Studios Shanghai


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