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Watch these quirky ads for VW | 大众汽车上演奇特风格广告


“Humor comes from a place where you don’t take yourself too seriously” Goodstein’s Creative Director Georg Warga and writer for VW’s recently released comical campaign shared.  The three films took a creative turn from the normal picture-perfect and polished storylines often found in Chinese advertising; instead you have models crashing and a not so well-mannered husband falling down the stairs. Goodstein commented “our client took a risk but they were very supportive from the get go”.

“如果你不一本正经,往往就会让人看到幽默感”,创意机构Goodstein的创意总监Georg Warga如是说,他撰写了近期大众幽默广告系列的文案。跟传统广告完美的画面和精雕细琢的故事曲线不同,这次的系列广告别出心裁,你会看到模特在T台跌倒,也会看到一直盯着手机看的男子滚下楼梯。Goodstein方面表示,“大众敢于大胆冒险,从一开始就很支持我们”。

The total timeline for the films including prep and shoot was just six weeks. With this kind of schedule it was non-stop prep and shoot from the minute the project was signed.  The car exterior shots were done in Guangzhou and the talent shots took place in Taipei.  The team spent their Christmas day, Skyping their families and eating noodles, while on a locked-off highway bridge shooting scenes for the cartoon bear in a driverless car.  This is just a glimpse at the dedication and sacrifices those in the advertising industry make!



The films were part of a larger, multiplatform campaign entitled “Technology for Everyone”, which includes online games and social media loops produced with weareflink.


Take a look here | 网游和社交媒体圈链接如下:



Credits 制片团队

Client | 客户: VW
Agency | 广告公司: Goodstein and Proximity
Creative Director | 创意总监: Georg Warga
Copywriter | 文案: Georg Warga
Creative Producer | 创意制片: Maureen Sherrard
Co-Writer | 文案: Howard Mok
Production Company | 制作: The Shanghai Job
Executive Producer | 监制: Colin Lai
Director | 导演: Paul Goldman
Editor | 剪辑: Antonio Gómez-Pan

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