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Vision Family Expanding|Vision大家庭的扩展


With the first half of pandemic-dominated 2020 behind us, many companies are having to adapt to long-distance working modes, as well as finding new ways to communicate with clients and in many cases, have been forced to shrink their businesses. After having rebound from virus-inflicted setbacks, post-production & VFX house Vision on the other hand, is expanding yet again. Taipei office is the newest addition to Vision’s locations in Seoul and Shanghai. Jeffrey Chow,  their managing director, shared with SHP+, that merger and acquisition of Round VFX studio in Taipei comes as a response to high demand for works from clients in  China.

在2020年流行病肆虐后的前半段时间里,许多公司不得不适应异地工作模式,并寻找与客户沟通的新方式,在很多情况下,它们不得不缩减业务规模。在从病毒造成的挫折中复苏之后,VFX后期制作工作室Vision又开始扩展。台北工作室是继Vision在首尔和上海之后最新工作地点。Vision董事总经理Jeffrey Chow向SHP+透露,并购台北Round VFX 工作室是对中国大陆客户对作品需求旺盛的响应。

Established in 2014, Round VFX is dedicated to crafting high quality visual effects, 3D animation, characters design and postproduction mainly for advertising clients in China. Staying on top of new technologies, Round VFX has a diverse reel with clients like Huawei, OPPO, Honor, Merchant’s Bank, Wrigley’s, Mercedes among others, spanning multiple industries.

Round VFX 工作室成立于2014年,主要为中国大陆的广告客户制作高品质的视觉特效、3D动画、角色设计和后期制作。凭借领先的新技术,Round VFX与华为、OPPO、荣耀、招商银行、箭牌(Wrigley ‘s)、梅赛德斯·奔驰(Mercedes)等多个行业的客户有着广泛的合作作品。

Vision Taipei

Experienced team in Taipei will bring an added value, allowing Vision to offer more CG solutions with controlled grip on cost. In addition, Round VFX founder Eason Wu will join the Shanghai office to manage both CG teams in Shanghai and Taipei.

台北经验丰富的团队将为Vision带来额外的价值,让Vision在控制成本的同时提供更多的CG解决方案。此外,Round VFX创始人Eason Wu将加入上海工作室,管理上海和台北的CG团队。

CG Director, Eason Wu


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