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“Truth or dare” : what’s on mind of every Chinese man 中国男人的真心话大冒险


For its 80 year anniversary promotion in China, Phillips released a very localized video, already dubbed as one that “speaks to every man in China”.

⻜利浦电动剃须刀在这支80周年视频里,非常接地气地“跟每一个中国男⼈谈谈⼼” 。

Zhang Dapeng, the director behind last year’s viral commercial “What is Peppa?”, released another new hit. This latest one for Phillips is a 13-minute mini-film that puts four ordinary men in the spotlight. The story of a single dad, an investor, a small business owner, and a young dreamer playing the “Truth or Dare” card game has already generated nearly 5 million views on the brand’s official Weibo page alone.

去年病毒视频《啥是佩奇》的导演张大鹏如今又有新作。与⻜利浦剃须⼑联合的这支13分钟的微电影,讲了四个普通男人,一个单亲爸爸、⼀个做投资的社会精英、⼀个公司小老板和⼀个北漂年轻⼈玩“真⼼话⼤冒险” 游戏的故事。这支视频仅在品牌官方微博上就有将近五百万播放量。

Set in a train’s sleeper car, there’s not much action going on in the video, where the story is held  together by the conversation of the four protagonists. The game, that  starts as an attempt to stave off boredom, turns into a meaningful conversation. Career and family, dreams and reality— with each new card, four strangers open up more.



We find out that the youngster is on his way home to carry on the family business, leaving a dream job, a settled life and a girlfriend behind in Beijing and that the single dad wants to ask his girlfriend to be his kid’s mom. The small business owner serves as the most emotional and dramatic portion of the commercial, responding to the youngster’s responsibility to go back and help his father. He tells how every day is a fight to keep his business afloat. Through the hardships, through health problems, there’s only one word in his life—work. Work hard and to the fullest.The investor, who’s abruptly pulled out of sleep, finally joins the game as well confessing that though he’s spent a lot of energy and effort on business, the thing his family is deprived of now is his attention.






The game finishes with every participant finding their answer: the youngster asks his father to give him another year, and returns to Beijing. The investor decides to go back home to his family immediately. The father will talk to his loved one about taking the relationship further, and the business owner rushes forward, rethinking the meaning of success.



The video made waves in Weibo, with netizen comments ranging from funny ones like “I’ve been riding a train for so many years. How come I’ve never been in such an interesting situation”, to the more serious: “ A very touching ad, Phillips created a spokesperson for men”. A lot of users comment that they didn’t know it was an ad until very end, praising the creativity and storytelling of the video. “Recent ads are so cool, they can compete with Thailand commercials now. This one is not pretentious and pulls on the heartstrings”.

这⽀视频在微博上引发热议,网友们纷纷留⾔。有网友打趣说:“⾃己坐了这么多年⽕车,为什么没遇到这么有趣的事?”也有⽹网友很认真地评论:“广告非常感人,⻜利浦简直就是中国男人的代⾔人。”许多⽹友根本不觉得这是⼀个广告,直到最后出现⻜利浦剃须刀,觉得整体创意和故事情节非常 赞。“最近的广告都很赞,可以与泰国⼴告相提并论了。不会觉得广告拍的很做作,都说到心坎儿上了。”

“What is Peppa” brought a viral success to Zhang Dapeng, but in advertisement circles he’ s established a reputation for himself as a maker of “view-catching” videos  long before that. He’s shot exceptional ads in recognizable style for Nike, Huawei Mate 20, and more. Although he originally studied special effects, he gradually made a career shift  as a director. In an interview with Brand Factory (品牌制片厂)he once admitted that he doesn’t identify as a movie director or commercial director, seeing his job as shooting video works. With this attitude it’s not hard to see, why his hit commercials bring a certain “movie grandeur” which resonates more with audiences.

《啥是佩奇》让导演张大鹏这个名字刷爆朋友圈,但其实在广告圈内,他早已经是网红视频导演。他为耐克、华为Mate 20手机等拍摄的广告⽚都很出色,极具风格。张大鹏在大学修的是视觉特效,后来转行成为导演。在接受品牌制片⼚的采访时,他觉得,在这个广告片和电影的界限越发模糊的时代,没必要将自己身上“电影导演”和“广告⽚导演”的身份做个对立的区分,⾃己就是个拍片儿的。不难看出,可能就是这个心态,让张⼤鹏能够拍出与观众共鸣的、“电影⼤片儿”感觉的广告。



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