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Too close for comfort | 大有雷同



If you weren’t aware, there is another shopping holiday this month.  It’s Double 12, not to be confused or connected with Alibaba’s mega Singles Day shopping holiday Double 11 that took place last month.  This month’s shopping festival features Taobao’s platform, while Double 11 showcases T-mall.





On their official WeChat Taobao released a 60 second spot that looks debatably similar to the adidas Originals spot “My Way” which released three versions this year.  With millions of views it’s pretty certain someone who worked on the Taobao spot was aware of the adidas spot.  It may not be fair or necessary to mention this copy-cat spot but given the spot is released for a copy-cat shopping holiday it felt worthwhile to call out the similar imagary and feel of this recently released ad.  What do you think?





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