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This summer #Blackisright | 这个夏天 #用黑,向运动表白


Is it now cool for Chinese women to soak in the run rays? Asics, put out a unique spot for the summer with the tagline “Black is Right”. The campaign encourages women to embrace the sun and not be afraid of a little tan.  This is unusual content direction for the Chinese female athletics market, which generally shies away from portraying women in extreme weather or as too fierce.



The 60 second spot, shot in Beijing in one day, features Sichuan born, Chinese pop star Jike June (English name Summer).  Production and post was by Beijing based production company Big Voice and directed by Ben Tseng from Hong Kong.  The spot’s use of celebrity endorsement is nothing new but the script definitely deviates from the standard Chinese ad targeting women’s athletics in China.

60秒的广告,一天之内在北京拍摄完成,由四川歌手吉克隽逸(英文名是Summer)出演。作品由香港导演Ben Tseng执导,制作和后期均由北京制作公司Big Voice打造。明星助阵广告并不是什么新鲜事,但是这次的特别之处在于它向中国市场热爱运动的女性所传达的理念与众不同。

As the background hip-hop beats follow Jike’s slender body running, jumping, and boxing, lines such as “uncover those hidden obliques once again” and “maintain my curves” are the focal point, descriptions not typical of campaigns targeting Chinese women.  The content direction and script was inspired by Jike’s actual social media posts, explained Jordan Dong, Creative Director and partner at Xici Visual, Asics lead agency in China for now.  From Jike’s social media accounts Xici Visual found that she was quite active and was not afraid of getting tan in her everyday life.  Even when the temperatures reached 40 celsius, Jike posted pictures of herself getting a sweat in and enjoying some sun.

背景的嘻哈音乐,伴随着吉克隽逸健美的身材,跑步、跳跃、拳击,把失去的马甲线重新练回来练出我的魔鬼曲线这些台词都是焦点,这些都是针对中国女性群体的广告中不常见的。而此次的内容和脚本源泉正是来自于吉克隽逸的社交媒体内容,Xici Visual 合伙人,创意总监Jordan Dong如是说,这家公司现在在中国的主要广告合作公司。Xici看到吉克隽逸在网上说,自己平时并不惧怕晒黑,反而非常热衷运动。即使顶着40度的大太阳,还是会享受阳光,运动到汗流浃背,她还会发照片。


For a cosmetic market where its often easier to find whitening cream than sunscreen, ads like these suggest that tide in China is changing.  Those who have the luxury of exercising, vacationing, and playing outside in the sun now indicate a persons higher status and freedom, as this spot clearly indicates with the line “goodbye milk baths, hello sunbaths”.


The spot was released earlier this month on all of Asics Chinese social media platforms and included some off-line promotion with Jike herself promoting the products at Asics’ China-based store fronts. It’s not the first time for Xici Visual to support Asics in China and Creative Director Dong hopes it won’t be the last as he looks forward to creating future campaigns that will raise Asics profile in China.

广告7月初发布在Asics中国各大社交平台上,此外,吉克隽逸也在一些中国实体店现场支持品牌线下宣传活动。这已不是Xixi Visual第一次为Asics打造国内广告,创意总监Jordan Dong希望双方能继续合作,他非常期待以后能有机会打造更多广告,促进Asics在中国的品牌宣传。


Credits 制片团队
Client 客户: Asics
Agency 广告公司:西池
Director 导演 : Ben Tseng
DOP 摄影师: Mark Lee
Production company 制片公司: Big Voice 大嗓門
Post Production 后期制片公司: Big Voice 大嗓門
Music 音乐: 新世界 New Age – 吉克隽逸 Jike Junyi

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