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The longest runway show in the history | 嗯,这可以说是史上最⻓的T台秀了


Through deserts, mountains with white snowcaps, legendary Scandinavian woods and even going underwater—Jack&Jones is on a mission to bring Nordic fashion to China at any cost.


The new hilarious promo video, “8000 km Runway” that was released earlier this week marks the brand’s 20th anniversary in China. For Goodzilla, the creative team behind the film, chasing the deadline of Tmall brands day with a storyline that unfolds in several different locations meant 3 months of borderline exhausting work. But finally, it’s online.

In the 2-minute video, we follow eight male models as they journey through beautiful landscapes accompanied by the sound of a triumphant song created especially for the occasion. Nothing can stand in their way as they walk on the imaginary 8000 km runway, unruffled by obstacles like families at the dinner table, fast moving trains, and high cliffs, fully dressed to the nines through it all. To stay stylish on this uneasy task, of course, the models don staples of versatile Jack&Jones collection and pieces their from limited-edition collaboration with Jeremy Scott, featuring 90s’ era good-luck trolls.在这个2分钟的视频里,八位男模在欢乐的背景音乐中迈着胜利的步伐, 穿越过不同的地域⻛貌。没有什么是可以阻挡男模们在这条难以想象的长达8000公里的T台上行走。行进途中,无论是在餐桌旁的一家人、疾驰的⽕车,还是陡崖,精致的男模们丝毫没有被这些阻碍打乱前行的阵脚。当然了,为了依旧精致时髦地完成这次令人紧张的走秀,模特们身着个性多样的杰克琼斯与Jeremy Scott联名限量系列的主打款式,这套系列以90年代的北欧卡通形象Good-luck Trolls(好运巨魔)为灵感。

The creative team admits it was a challenging task, not only because it involved shifting between locations and climates constantly, and aiming to shoot as effectively in near extreme conditions as on a normal set. The bigger challenge was bringing the idea to life. Originally, it was planned to be an O2O event with a group of Nordic male models actually walking ‘the longest catwalk in the history’ from Denmark to China, broadcast online. Given the cost and long cycle, this idea was transformed into the video we see now. Shot with an ironic touch and plenty of storytelling knots to hold the whole composition together, the video brings the Danish feel back to the international brand in China.




Client 客户:JACK&JONES/天猫

Agency 代理商:意类

Production 制作公司:STARTFilms 启李广告

Executive Producer 监制:陈学礼

Creative Director 创意总监:江畔

Director 导演:丁雨晨

Art 美术:唐佳丽

DOP 摄影指导:梁子

Producer 制片(Noraway):Joachim Lyng

Post Producer 后期制片:赵静

Editor 剪辑师:苏桢

Online 精剪:HUE

CG 三维:一支广告

TC 调色:梦芷影像

Composer 作曲:Sonictree & Achill Team

Mixer 混音:造音工厂


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