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The cutest CNY ad of 2018 | 2018年新春最讨喜的广告片



Over the past year worked with and Passion Pictures to produce an animated film for Chinese New Year.  The four-minute animation introduces’s loveable mascot, Joy, a diligent yet playful white puppy.

过去的一年里,京东一直在与180.ai和Passion Pictures紧锣密鼓开展合作,打造新春贺岁动画短片。 这部长达四分钟的动画片介绍了京东可爱的吉祥物Joy,一只勤劳又不失俏皮的白色小狗。


The dialogue-free film artfully uses the characters’ facial expressions and nuanced gestures to evoke a touching tale between Joy and a determined mother heron.  The creative was led by Kenneth Kuan from and directed by Passion Pictures’ talented duo Kyra and Constantin.  The large-scale production also made use of Passion Pictures’ global network of artists and studios across Melbourne, London, and Barcelona.

电影没有任何对白,巧妙地利用角色的面部表情和细致入微的手势,讲述了Joy和一只坚定的苍鹭妈妈之间的感人故事。 短片创意出自180.ai的Kenneth Kuan所带领的团队,来自Passion Pictures才华横溢的导演Kyra和Constantin二人联合执导。 庞大的制作工程充分利用了Passion Pictures的全球团队,墨尔本、伦敦和巴塞罗那工作室携手合作。

Passion Pictures’ Melbourne Managing Director and Executive Producer, Katie Mackin, shared: “From the outset, the client gave us real freedom–their sole ambition was to make a great film. And so began a truly collaborative process that saw Kyra & Constantin writing scripts and working extremely closely with and to realize this lovely story and reimagine this brand hero.”

Passion Pictures墨尔本总经理兼监制Katie Mackin分享道:“从最开始,客户就让我们自由发挥,他们唯一的目标就是让我们做出一部优秀的短片。 整个项目各方通力合作, Kyra和Constantin编写剧本,跟京东和180.ai密切合作,最终创作了一个可爱的故事,重新塑造了京东的品牌英雄。” 

Perhaps the film’s greatest strength is that it isn’t an ad.  There are no product shots, no brand slogans, not even a direct metaphor for’s services. “The result is a lovely film that we hope establishes Joy as the most adorable brand character in China!” the team from Passion Pictures commented.

或许这部短片最大的优势就在于它并不是一部广告。 没有任何产品镜头,也没有任何品牌标语,甚至没有直接映射京东的任何业务。 “它就是一部可爱的片子,我们希望将Joy塑造成中国最可爱的品牌形象!”Passion Pictures团队如是说。

The film was originally released 8th February 2018 through WeChat and various other online channels, reaching around 400 million.




Credits 制片团队

Client | 客户 : 京东Client:
Agency | 广告公司 :
Creative Director | 创意总监 : Kenneth Kuan
Producer | 制片: Nancy Wang
Account Executives | 业务经理 : Wang Mengdi and Bonnie Tian
Production Company | 制作公司 : Passion Pictures
Passion Pictures Directors | 导演 : Kyra & Constantin
Executive Producer | 监制 : Katie Mackin
Producer | 制片 : Fiona Fry, Sibylle Preuss
Music & Sound Mix |音乐&混音 : Nylon Studios


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