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STARTFilms’ male skincare and guns|启李广告打响男士护肤的一枪


Brands in China don’t have hard time convincing men in importance of a skincare routine. Especially L’Oreal, one of the three top players of male beauty market, which reportedly has been increasing at an average annual rate of 13.5% in China. Far higher than the global average annual rate of 5.8%. Chinese men know their skincare, love their skincare and have expanding choices with local brands joining the action, ambitious to take over established names. Determined to win the wallets and attention of consumers, brands come up with unusual, inventive commercials, like the latest by L’Oreal and Call of Duty mobile (CODM) collaboration.


The two-minutes film, executed singlehandedly by START Films from creative idea to production, is deceivingly chill at the beginning. Only when the main character picks up his phone to play the game, does the action pour onto the screen. The intense battle ends on a humorous note as he literally blinds his teammates with his shiny skin. This spot is not the first time START Films doubles as agency and production house. Which according to the director/creative director Xiao Zhengnan, allows them to “reduce steps in the process, make perfect connection in the execution part, and overall benefit the creative work” L’Oreal, who initiated the collaboration with CODM, wanted to present the new facial cleanser, highlighting the ‘real” amino acids. Having gamers in the production team helped START Films to turn the original conceptual brief into a detailed commercial that combined skincare and gaming organically in a witty way.

这部时长两分钟的影片,由START Films启李广告独力执行,从创意到制作,影片的一开始有意让观众进入一种放松的状态。只有当主角拿起手机玩游戏时,精彩的枪战才仿佛身临其境般进入他的生活。这场激烈的战斗以搞笑幽默的调侃结尾,男主竟然真的用他“油亮”的皮肤坑瞎了自己的队友。这并不是START Films第一次兼任代理与制作公司。而本片的导演兼创意指导肖正男认为这正是START Films 的优势所在:“这降低了沟通成本,让我们能够在执行部分做到完美的连接,在整体上更有利于创意工作。”而欧莱雅发起这次与使命召唤手游合作,主要是想要为一款新洗面奶造势,重点突出成分中“真正的”氨基酸。在制作团队中的真实玩家帮助START Films将最初的概念概要变成了一个详细的广告方案,以一种巧妙的方式将护肤与游戏有机地结合在了一起。

The overall shooting took 27 hours, and the team spent 4 hours challenging the long-take, which was an improvisation. Xiao Zhengnan explains the decision to go with  long-take at the beginning: “First of all, it is considered from the rhythm of the overall film. Through a relatively relaxing but detailed long shot at the beginning, we reflect the compactness and tension of the gunfight, forming a strong sense of contrast, and show the differences atmosphere and sense between the real world and the gunfight world. We initially wanted to use the montage to explain the environment and the characters. But when the scene was displayed by Production Designer, it surprised me. After discussing with the DOP, I felt that I had the opportunity to challenge the method of using one shot to show this content. This eventually became a visual highlight of the film”.


Despite challenges of the long-take that required every segment to be linked perfectly, the intensity of gunfight scenes, and the overall production having its challenges, the director sounds content with the end product. He’s certainly happy with the result and resonance the commercial created. Known primarily as a creative director and co-founder of START FilmsXiao Zhengnan wrote the script in addition to directing the film. Always researching and ensuring the script covered what the overlapping audiences of both brands wanted to see.

一镜到底的长镜头要求每一个片段都得完美地连接在一起,而激烈的枪战场景,以及整体制作都各有各的挑战,虽然困难重重,但导演似乎很喜欢最终的结果,特别是对广告的效果和反响感到很满意。大家认识肖正男,是作为START Films的创意总监和联合创始人,其实除了做导演之外,他还撰写了剧本。他对自己的要求是要确保脚本既要体现两个品牌的相得益彰,还得有受众想要看到的内容。


  Credits 制作团队  

Client 客户:欧莱雅男士

Agency 代理商:START Films

Creative Director 创意总监:肖正男

Account Manager 客户经理: Cony

Creative Crew 内容组: 常颖 邓宗杰 李秋池 程睦心

Production House 制作公司: START Films

EP 监制:陈开媛

Producer 制片: 于奇

Producer Team 制片组: 武雅欣 贺一鸣

Director 导演: 肖正男

DoP 摄影指导: 蒋锦文

1Asistant director 副导演: 巨亮

Art Director 美术指导: 阿min

Gaffer 灯光: longlong

1st AC摄影大助: 阿梁

Editor 剪辑师: 建东

Color 调色: 梦芷

Post Producer 后期制片: 小虫子 李秋池


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