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Sir John Hegarty makes a visit to Shanghai | John Hegarty爵士造访上海


Last Thursday SHP+ was invited to hear insights from visiting BBH founder, and the “H” of the BBH (Bartle Bogle Hegarty creative agency), the legendary ad man Sir John Hegarty. Attracting Shanghai’s ad industry elite from brands, production, post houses and even other top creatives from other agencies, we all gathered in an intimate historic opera house where the good food and great wine from Hegarty’s own winery in South of France, was served.

上周四,SHP+受邀出席盛会,聆听了BBH(广告创意公司Bartle Bogle Hegarty)的创始人(即BBH中的“H”),广告界传奇人物John Hegarty爵士的见解和洞察。这场分享会吸引了上海广告行业的众多精英,包括品牌方,制作,后期甚至其他代理公司的顶级创意人士们。活动在一家有历史韵味的私密歌剧院举办,大家汇聚一堂,分享美食,品尝来自Hegarty爵士位于南法酒窖的美酒。

Sir Hegarty is an industry icon, who built his reputation not only as the founder of BBH but also as a founding shareholder of Saatchi & Saatchi and as a co-founder of TBWA. He continues to prove his relevancy, youthful spirit, and ability to stay at the top of the game despite the dramatic shifts and digital transformations within the ad world in recent years.

作为行业的标杆性人物,Hegarty爵士不仅仅是BBH的创始人之一,同时也是Saatchi & Saatchi公司的创始股东,以及TBWA的联合创始人。近年来广告行业正经历着数字化转变和急剧更迭,Hegarty爵士以他的专业能力和年轻的精神始终走在行业的前沿。

In his talk, entitled, ‘Culture and Creativity’, Sir Hegarty, shared with the audience some of the most successful ads he’s created which demonstrated the infusion of culture and clever craft that also ultimately increased the clients sales and reputation. From Audi ads, where he got the Germans to make fun of themselves, to pantyhose ads that show the other side of feminine beauty, the examples highlighted how a solid idea can hold up to the test of time. While production quality has most definitely improved, these ads shot in the 80s and 90s were every bit as engaging because of the relevance to culture and the critique on the human experience that everyone can relate to.


One of the core statements Sir John Hegarty made about BBH is that they always put product at the heart of communication. They believe in product demonstration. Ultimately always ensuring product is connected with an emotional connection. The “head and heart”, as he calls it. Logic with emotion. Through this approach, good creative will always become a part of culture. This is paramount because you want to elevate the status of a brand. At BBH, building the brand is always key. Value is in brand and BBH believes building a brand (or in essence, building its “reputation”) is fundamentally important and in doing so, will allow people to recognize the true value of what advertising is.

John Hegarty 爵士强调BBH的工作理念:产品是沟通的核心。他们相信产品的力量。始终要把产品和情感做链接。他把这称为“头脑和心灵”。也即是情感和逻辑的融合。通过这种方式,好的创意将会成为文化的一部分。这对提升品牌的地位至关重要。在BBH, 品牌的建立是关键。品牌承载着价值,BBH认为一个品牌的建立(或者核心上来讲,声誉的建立)是基石和重点,正因为此,大家才会意识到广告的真正价值所在。

“I’ve always thought great advertising elevates the status of a brand to such an extent that it becomes part of culture”.


He shared three key instructional points that he reminded the audience are essential for “creating some very successful communication, no matter how big or small you are, if you are not doing those three things you are not creating a long term brand value”. So, an ad should be one, memorable: if the ad isn’t a story worth retelling or something that stick in someone’s mind after they’ve seen it – you haven’t done your job; two, motivating: an ad should inspire the viewer to get up and do something, buy something, or be something more; and lastly, truthful: advertising isn’t about deceiving despite what critics might say, it’s imperative to bring out the best part about the brand and “build a long term relationship with your audience based on truth, as nobody can build relationship on lies”.


To hear more of Sir Hegarty’s speech view here:



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