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SHP+’s Highlights of Day 3 in Cannes Lion – A Feast of Creativity


Connecting with Kitty over Brunch 与Kitty共进早午餐

We were lucky enough to be invited to a brunch hosted by LOWE at the L’Oasis Hotel in a small private patio with a few local Chinese media people and most importantly,  Kitty Lun, the Chairman/CEO of LOWE, was kind enough to spend some time with us discussing her thoughts on China.




Surrounded by mouthwatering French delicacies, Kitty let us in on some of her opinions on the Chinese advertising phenomena today.  Even with the massive mobile usage rates in China, Kitty believes that we are still in the “stone-age” when it comes to mobile innovation – large adoption does not necessarily translate into cutting edge ideas. The problems that money can solve are already largely solved in China as there is so much money being willingly spent, the issue, she says is that China just lacks originality in ideas.

周二的早上我们受睿狮总部的PR部门的邀请参加了在L’Oasis酒店露台上举行的一个媒体见面午餐会。在翠竹环抱的私密环境下,我们与睿狮中国的董事兼首席执行官Kitty Lu以及其他到场的中国媒体进行了轻松的交流。


For more interesting details, please stay tuned for our follow-up report. 

Disrupting Andy Hood’s Lunch 直闯AKQA Andy Hood的午餐

Immediately after brunch, we met up with Andy Hood, Head of Emerging Technologies at AKQA, discuss, you guessed it, “China” and “Mobile.”  Mr. Hood considers China a “pioneering territory.”   He sees it as an opportunity to “take the harsh lessons we learned in the West and take it to the East and have a chance to do it right the first time.”

For more details you can follow our post-Cannes Lions report but the most obvious takeaway from our conversation is that Andy Hood is passionate.  He wants to share his passion with others and wants to find passionate people.  He believes China has passionate people just like himself and he’d like to find them and nurture their talents.  He may have even talked himself into making a detour through China on his way back to London.  Well, even if he can’t make it to China this time, we know we will see him in China soon.

在结束了早午餐后,我们赶赴了另外一个采访,这次是来自AKQA新科技部门的主管Andy Hood,我们谈论的主题……你猜!对了,就是“中国”与“移动终端”。Andy认为中国是一片“很先锋的领土”。 他认为他将“把在西方得到的沉重教训再次搬到东方重新尝试,并希望这次可以做得更好。”


THE TALK OF THE DAY:  The ‘Happy’ Creator Pharrell Williams
“快乐”传播人Pharrell Willams

wp4Another music superstar showed up at the Grand Audi stage on Day 3. The seemingly never-aging singer/producer/songwriter Pharrell, won the hearts of another full-house audience in a very different style to Marilyn Manson’s yesterday with his overarching knowledge of the music industry. “Music is ubiquitous now and that’s beautiful but it means it’s important not just to be about sound…There must be a tactile, kinesthetic value to it. You have to make sure that you write intention into [your music].”

When presenter and producer Ryan Seacrest asked Pharrell why he “always looks 27”, and the 42-year-old singer replied: “I would say my mum and my dad, but also my curiosity.”

在Grand Audi的大舞台上又迎来一位音乐巨星。与昨天玛丽莲曼森不一样,这位看来永远童颜的歌手、制作和创作家凭他的机智和他对音乐及音乐行业的透彻了解赢得满场观众的欢心。“音乐(概念)现在越来越模糊,所以现在它不仅是有关声音这么简单……它必须是可以感知的和感觉的。在创作时你就需要赋予它(音乐)使命。” 当主持人Ryan Seacrest问他“为什么看起来永远只有27岁”时,这位42岁的歌手说:“我要感谢我的父母和我的好奇心。”

Quotes of the Day:

“你绝对没有可能精确地预测人类行为,你只可以做(人类行为)数字性的预估。这就是你可以尝试的数据运用。” – Brian Cox教授,科学家/播音

“在我的过往我犯过40%的错误。现在我称它们为’研发‘” – Jamie Oliver, 餐厅老板/创业家/国际慈善家

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