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SHP+ 戛纳国际创意节微信群 | SHP+ Cannes WeChat Group



First time to Cannes? Or did you miss that important party last year? No sweat, SHP+ is creating a WeChat group this year!  We will start the conversation with some basic info and tips from our previous experience in Cannes but please join in and share your tips and insights too.  Feel free to raise any questions or exchange useful info regarding transportation, your favorite places to eat, key Chinese speakers, how to get into parties, and all that good stuff.  Most important, don’t forget to share your best photos to the group as well! 

第一次参加戛纳创意节?不小心错过了去年的party?别着急,今年SHP+给大家建了微信群!我们会根据以往的经验在群里跟大家分享活动基本信息,并且提供各种小贴士,同时也非常欢迎大家跟我们分享你们的见解。此外,我们也会为大家答疑,比如交通问题,好吃的餐馆,有哪些中国演讲嘉宾 ,怎样参加party,想问就问。最重要的是,记得在群里跟大家分享美图哦!

Join the group and stay connected with others coming from China to Cannes.  Let’s create a memorable experience in Cannes together!


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