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ROI Festival announced its winners



The 9th annual ROI Advertising Festival was held in Shanghai this week from the 17th to the 20th of October.


The winners list was released yesterday after the awards ceremony. There were 6 major categories with 72 subcategories, each with gold, silver and bronze winners.


As usual, agencies and clients dominated the festival, but production houses were awarded as well.

制作组的全场大奖花落台湾制作公司華苑映創(Innovate Films)的IP品牌《小时光面馆》。该系列在包括戛纳、Spikes等重要广告节中拿到奖项。在本届金投赏上,他们再次捧回了一座分量十足的全场大奖。

The Grand Prix in the production category went to a Taiwanese company Innovate Films’ “House of Little Moments – Season II”. Already much awarded at international festivals such as Cannes Lions and Spikes, the team was happy to bring back yet another grand prix with their franchise series.

%e5%b0%8f%e6%97%b6%e5%85%89%e9%9d%a2%e9%a6%86華苑映創作品《小时光面馆》| House of Little Moments, by Innovate Films

在制作公司中,上海制作公司观池(Gwantsi)获得了年度制作公司大奖,同时他们凭借2金2铜2提名成为了制作公司奖项中的最大赢家。皮艾吉中国(PIG China)以1金2银2铜紧随其后。上海千禧传媒(Chin Hei Media),米立制作(Mili Films)分类3、4位。

Gwantsi was the biggest winner in production categories this year with 2 gold, 2 bronze and 2 shorlisted. PIG was just behind with a total of 4 medals (1 gold.) Gwantsi also won the Production House of the Year. Chin Hei Media and Mili Films came in 3rd and 4th.



In the gold-winning The BMW 1 Series spot “Snake”, Gwantsi pulled off an impressive choreogrpahy of cars to replicate the retro game Snake, which won them a gold in pre-prodcution category.

bmw-snake观池作品《宝马1系:贪吃蛇篇》 | BMW 1 Series: Snake, by Gwantsi


In their other gold-awarded work, Nike Running’s MOM video, Gwantsi turned Shanghai’s streets and walls into digital canvases, bringing runners to streets all over the city.

观池作品《上海拦不住》| Nike Running: MOM Video, by Gwantsi


PIG’s BMW 7 project “Visionary Lights” won a gold in post production for their realistic CGI lighting of the Xinjiang Mountain landscape.

皮艾吉中国作品《宝马7系:流光溢彩,引领时代》| BMW 7 Series: Visionary Lights, by PIG China


Another gold-awarded work that caught our eye is Heyi Group’s production of the China Sports Lottery spot “A Lucky Day.” It is a 3-min-long film that is both creative and intelligently executed and shot, making use of live action and animation. The film tells the story of an ordinary person’s life after winning the lottery. The quality of the story, creative, production and post-production is remarkable – however, it seems it was never aired but was simply an award pieced (it did air on the ROI QQ channel.)

合一集团作品《幸运的一天》| A Lucky Day, by Heyi Group



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