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Reminder: The 3rd Amanacliq Summer Festival – Friday 8th July


Amanacliq夏日艺术将于78日周五举办。派视觉艺术和音乐结合在一起,融合了其他令人眼花乱的元素,绝对不容错过。上海广告圈内名流将Studio Ark,共庆这一独一无二的盛典。届将会有艺术画廊的展出,以及当女星和英伦摇滚乐队现场演出。

A hedonistic cocktail of art, music and debauchery, the 3rd Amanacliq Summer Festival this Friday 8th July is the industry party that you don’t want to miss.  Shanghai’s advertising glitterati will assemble at Studio Ark for a celebration unlike any other, featuring a pop up gallery and live concert.

wKhkGVZeqJiAFx0sAHHuIHrmj7Q952蓝鹊乐队|Blue Magpie

伦摇滚蓝鹊乐队Buzz乐队将联同知名DJ SMTH又名Agent Smith)和一众本土DJ点燃现场气氛。女星杨凯琳也极有可能出席本次派位Spotify 2015年度最佳新人曾受到流行巨星林俊杰和周杰的极力推崇。

British rock band Blue Magpie will tear the house down with DJ support from the likes of SMTH aka Agent Smith, Yeti’s protégé Yung Sol and a cast of local young talent.  Rosie Yang, Spotify’s New Talent of The Year 2015 and apple of megastars JJ Lin and Jay Chou’s eye, is also rumored to be making an appearance.

现场DJ SMTH,又名Agent Smith|DJ SMTH aka Agent Smith


The Summer Festival is about celebrating the personal, non-commercial creative work of gifted individuals who are currently working or previously worked in advertising agencies or brands, whether as creatives, marketers, account managers, producers, art buyers, planners or any other role.

SC 1Stefen Chow摄影作品:艾未未|Ai Weiwei, photographed by Stefen Chow


The pop up gallery launches on the night of the 8th and remains open to the public throughout the weekend.  25 artists will exhibit, including 17 illustrators, four photographers, two filmmakers and animators, one interactive installation design team and one art deco furniture designer.  The night will also feature a live mural painting by famed doodler Flabjacks, as well as new work from a handful of young, local artists.

MG_7220_s乃瑄家居装饰作品|Art Deco by Nicole Teng aka Brut Cake

广告圈的高度工作量与工作时长早已众所周知。本次艺术展不是参展人员创意思的最好体,也是们创情的一次致敬。“这艺术家从未停止他们对艺术爱好的追求。高度的工作没能耗尽他们对创作的情,他将工作之余有限的时间都投入到作中。无影,影,画,实验艺术或插画,都是他自我表达的手段,”amanacliq主席Jonathan Tay,同也是本次活策展人和师,在接受我访时感慨道 “他们实在是很了不起!


Considering the notoriously grueling hours in the ad industry, the exhibition is a tribute and testament to the creative drive of the participants. “These artists never stopped pursuing their inner creative passions, devoting their spare time to self-expression, whether that is through photography, filmmaking, animating, experimental programming or illustrating.  These guys are amazing”, explains curator, photographer and amanacliq president, Jonathan Tay.

Expect a crazy, packed, spectacular night.

SHOW2015夏日艺术展舞台区域|2015 Amanacliq Summer Festival stage area

全体参展人名单|Full exhibitor list

  • 创新 Innovation: amana Tokyo
  • / 动Film/Animation: Chan Zhe  |  Miss Smuff
  • Photography: Miss Smuff / 李喆  |   Stefen Chow  |   Mark Gong
  • 家具装饰 Art Deco Furniture:Nicole Teng aka Brut Cake
  • 插画 Illustration: Flabjacks  |  Jayson Atienza  |   YgY Yang Guang  |   The Great Indoors  |  Fish Ho  |   Ken Wong  |   Strong Zhu  |   Naomi Wu  |   Joe Cai  |   Evan Wen  |   woshi1031  |   JaniceL  |   Luna  |   Shin Huei Wong  | 章靖 |  徐一琴 |  福乐  |  郝骞


  • 场费:免
  • 地址:上海市黄浦区中山南路10291号楼东3楼(幸福码头创意园内)
  • 时间:晚上8点至深夜


  • Entry: Free
  • Address: Studio Ark, 3rd floor, East Block 1, 1029 South Zhongshan Road, Huang Pu District, Shanghai  (inside Happy Pier creative park)
  • Time: 8pm – late

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