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Rap, Monologue And Beyond… |说唱,独白,还有…


Nissan, Didi, and Nike might not be the brands you immediately think of together, but it caught our attention that their recent commercial films do have some things in common.  Theatrically proclaimed words or rap take the spotlight in all three videos, amplifying the visual messages. Let’s dive in.



Didi’s “Seatbelt Disco”, released at the end of October, puts a hilarious twist on the serious topic of road safety. Dancing aunties meet hip-hoppers in a rap battle to warn everybody how important it is to fasten your seatbelt. The video has already generated 1.7M views on the Didi Weibo page alone.


Credits 制作团队: 
Agency/production: 简创意空间 Pure Creative Space
Director 导演:小南 Taylor
Producers 制片:田春莹 Tian Chunying 赵烨 Zhao Ye
Art director 美术指导:阿甜 A Tian
Editor 剪辑:李峥 Li Zheng
After effects 后期特效:党澎飞 Dang Pengfei, 巩建磊 Gong Jianlei


Apparently, the hype around hip hop in China is not going to die out anytime soon. Since iQIYI’s The Rap of China show made rapping mainstream almost overnight in 2017, brands from KFC to WeChat used it in their commercials to play cool.


For this spot Didi asked rapper 宝石Gem to rewrite his summer hit “野狼Disco”, and there’s been a follow up “Seatbelt Disco Challenge” on Weibo for users to imitate the dance from the video.


If rap is just a playful element used to reach a younger audience in Didi’s ad, Nike on the other hand, uses it more precisely in its newest commercial video for the Taiwan market. The rapper in this video urges the protagonist to step outside his comfort zone, and makes a rhythmic appeal to the audience organically intensifying the “Get up and move” vibe.

如果说在滴滴出行的广告片里,说唱只是个用来吸引年轻人的娱乐性成分,耐克台湾则在最新的商业广告片里,将说唱用得更到位。视频里,说唱艺人劝主人公走出舒适圈时,通过热烈渲染“Get up and move(起来,迈开腿)”的氛围,营造出有感染力的节奏感。

Finally, Nissan’s new commercial film “Dare to start” takes a different turn, making a monologue its focal point. While actor Entai Yu reads bits of “To be or not to be” with full theatrical force, shots of hip youngsters facing their fears are quickly edited in.


Watch it once, and you might be mesmerized by the interesting editing and the vintage visual aesthetics; watch it twice, and you’ll notice that only actor Entai Yu and Elvis Han who played the boxer drive away in the Nissan in the end. Hidden hint at the pricing reality of Nissan cars?


Credits 制作团队: 
Production: 想象视频 (Guangzhou)
Director/Screenwriter 导演/编剧:侯祖辛 Hou Zuxin
Assistant director 副导演:慕岚 Mu Lan
Camera/Editor 摄影/剪辑:阿布 A Bu
Producers 制片:朱一泓 Zhu Yihong;范为 Fan Wei;李强 Li Qiang
Special effects 特效:李子宁 Li Zining

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