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“Production wins” at ROI Festival 2019 | 2019金投赏制作类奖项喜报


Having grown into one of Asia’s largest awards in creativity, the 2019 edition of ROI is its biggest to date with over 3000 submissions total. This year, in the PRODUCTION CATEGORY the jury awarded 1 grand prix, 5 gold prizes, 9 silver, and 15 bronze.


Under the name of SOMEIDESIGN, a one-person post-production house established in 2015, the director and motion designer Somei Sun scooped up the Grand Prix for production. The futuristic concept film for new VIVO NEX phone explores Negative Space as a story about choice, which can be watched both forward and backward.

SOMEIDESIGN是成立于2015年的一家后期制作公司,仅有一名成员——导演兼动态设计师孙世晟,其擒获了制作组全场大奖。获奖作品是为VIVO NEX手机拍摄的未来感概念影片,通过一个既可以正向观看也可以反向观看的关于“选择”的故事,来探索负空间。


代理公司:上海卯生创意设计有限公司 | SOMEI DESIGN

Somei’s solo post-production for OPPO Reno was also recognized with a silver medal
该公司另一部独立为OPPO Reno手机做后期的片子则获得银奖。

代理公司:上海卯生创意设计有限公司 | SOMEI DESIGN

With 2 gold and 1 silver medals in pre-production category, STARTFilms was named the Video Production Company of the Year accumulating 5 total prizes this year. The company’s gold-winning work for language learning app 英语流利说 personified artificial serving some irony on top of benefits of learning English with the app.


代理公司:意类广告 Goodzilla | Goodzilla
制作公司:上海启李广告有限公司/START Films

“Time engraver”, another work that brought gold to STARTFilms, centers around a handsome character personifying time who adds wrinkles to young women’s faces like an artist.


ShootingGalleryAsia was named Print Production Company of the Year, winning 2 gold medals for their work for KEEP, and silver medal for photography work on JD Sports campaign posters.

ShootingGalleryAsia 获得年度平面制作公司奖。其为健身软件KEEP制作的作品获得2金,为京东体育制作的海报获得摄影服务类铜奖。

Red Horse Media took home 2 silver medals, one for a great animated construction of the Forbidden City in Oreos, post produced by Republic Studios of Shanghai. And another for the commercial film presenting Casarte appliances as a tech that stands the most demanding challenges of Royal Butler Academy chief.

赤马广告摘得2银,一个是精彩的动画创意“奥利奥-故宫”,由上海Republic Studios制作后期;另一个片子则表现卡萨帝家用电器产品能经住皇家管家学院培训主管挑剔的眼光。

广告主/品牌主:亿滋 Mondelēz
代理公司:蓝标数字 | Blue Digital (上海) / 赤马影视 | Red Horse (上海)
制作公司:Republic Studios


See the full list of winners here


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