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Spain-based Service Company Opens in China


西班牙影视制作服务公司Palma Pictures日前入驻中国大陆,并任命马来西亚籍华裔周采奕作为常驻上海的国际制片。

Production service company Palma Pictures has established a presence in China, installing Malaysian-Chinese producer Chye Yee Chow full-time in Shanghai.


成立于1993年的Palma Pictures是欧洲最大的影视制作服务公司之一。他们在马略卡岛的影视基地占地4500平方米,从人员配置、器材设备、交通安排,到角色筛选,堪景及场地服务和摄影棚设施一应俱全,能够为从影视广告到电视剧客户提供不同的服务。拍摄场地覆盖整个欧洲。Palma Pictures同时在巴塞罗那社友办公室,国际制片人遍布全球,从洛杉矶到伦敦、多伦多乃至冰岛。

Established in 1993, Palma Pictures is one of the largest production service companies in Europe.  The company’s 4,500m² studio base in Mallorca is equipped with resources to supply personnel, equipment, transportation, casting, location services and studio facilities for commercial clients and television series, as well as a portfolio of locations in Spain and beyond. The company also has offices in Barcelona and representative producers in LA, London, Toronto and Iceland.

Palma Pictures汽车广告集合| Palma Pictures Car Reel

周采奕已经在中国影视制作行业工作逾10年。她曾于God Mother制作公司任职,随后又在后期制作公司Attic担任监制。在此之后周采奕成为了一名自由制片人,与创意公司如BBH和Pandemic紧密合作。

Chye Yee has been working in roles spanning the Chinese production industry since 2003, beginning her career with production company God Mother, before becoming executive producer for posthouse Attic, followed by freelance roles with creative agencies including BBH and Pandemic.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetPalma Pictures国际制片人(上海):周采奕 | Chye Yee Chow, Palma Pictures International Producer (Shanghai)

周采奕可以帮助中国客户解决与国际拍摄团队间语言沟通以及文化差异所带来的交流问题——及时、高效的回复,以及快速的转变能力对于周采奕来说至关重要,这也使得Palma Picture成为扎根中国本土的唯一国际影视制作服务公司。

Chye Yee’s presence offers a bilingual and culturally sensitive communication bridge between Chinese clients and international shooting teams. Prompt, effective response to service calls along with quick adaptability to a changing client environment are essential elements in Chye’s operations. Palma Pictures is probably the only international production service company on the ground in China.

周采奕说:“世界顶级品牌都在为自己的广告找一个完美的外景。我十分期待能够作为Palma Pictures的代表,为这些客户带来西班牙的多元文化,以及一流的拍摄服务。”

“Top brands are always looking for amazing backdrops for their stories. By representing Palma Pictures i am able to deliver the incredible diversity of Spain and back that up with first class production services. I am super excited by the year ahead ”, Chye Yee said.

Palma Pictures广告集合 | Palma Pictures General Reel

联系周采奕可以通过邮件,或者致电+86 13661888985。

Palma Pictures日前启动了公司在中国的微信公众号。扫描下图二维码关注Palma Pictures。

You can contact Chye Yee at, or call +86 13661888985.

Palma Pictures has also recently launched its own WeChat account. You can scan the QR code below and follow Palma Pictures on WeChat:


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