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Oriental Post To Close Shanghai Studio


后期制作商公司Oriental PostOP划于今年48日关上海工作室。

业刚刚经历了,于上个月宣布OP曼谷部将和英国后期制作公司幻影(Smoke & Mirrors)合力打造一家合公司,与此同,上海OP分支即将关。曼谷工作室的运作将放在幻影界名下。

Commercial postproduction company Oriental Post (OP) will close its Shanghai branch on April 8th.

The move comes amid a reorganisation of the company which last month announced a joint venture between their Bangkok headquarters and UK postproduction company Smoke & Mirrors.  The Bangkok studio will operate under the Smoke & Mirrors name.


从左至右:Stephen Douglas,OP亚洲总经理;Emma Daines,集团董事经理兼Fin Design+Effects;Steven Marolho,MPC上海总经理

L to R: Stephen Douglas, GM of OP Asia; Emma Daines, group managing director and executive producer of Fin Design +effects; Steven Marolho, General Manager, MPC Shanghai 

2016亚太广告,幻影业务拓展总监John Galvin接受了SHP+的采访,向我了关上海工作室的个中由:“OP需要重新审视自身所面的机遇。暂时要把业务集中在泰国,与幻影界的强强联手是在的核心业务。我会从英国找一些秀的人力源来泰国,之后再重新估中国的情况。


Smoke & Mirrors Business Development Director, John Galvin, speaking to SHP+ at Adfest 2016, explained the Shanghai closure, “Oriental Post is revising its opportunities. This includes focusing on Thailand and the new fusion with Smoke & Mirrors as the core business.  First we’ll bring better human resources from the UK to Thailand, then we’ll reassess China.”

Smoke & Mirrors’ return marks their second foray into Asia, having themselves established a studio in Shanghai in 2009.  That branch ceased offering creative services and downsized significantly after two years, having struggled to adapt to the unique challenges of operating in the China market. 

泰国娱乐公司Kantana Group的子公司,OP上海工作室于2014年年末开启,他直接接替了后期制作公司Give Me 5设备 — 包括剪色、网上制作套件等。成立之初的一年,OP上海与麦肯世界集TBWA、PIG、池、MIC等公司合作,制作了包括必客、肯德基在内的一些广告目。

上海分支的决定让OP上海的十五人团队非常震惊,上海总经Stephen Douglas更是如此。Douglas2016亚太广告界的言人之一,SHP+和他行了交,我感到了他此非常难过我非常难过。中国的市很重要,我满怀着种种希望。因打入了中国市

Oriental Post, a subsidiary of Thai entertainment company Kantana Group, opened their Shanghai studio in late 2014, taking over the facility of posthouse Give Me 5, with editing, grading and online suites.  In their first year the company had worked with the likes of McCann, TBWA, PIG, Gwantsi and MIC on commercial projects for clients including Pizza Hut and KFC.

The decision to close came as a shock to the fifteen-person Shanghai team, including general manager Stephen Douglas.  Speaking at Adfest 2016, a visibly upset Douglas told SHP+, “I feel very sad.  It’s an important market and I had a lot of hopes for it.   We were making inroads”

Douglas20159月加入OP,而在此之前的一年,他澳大利后期制作公司Fin Design + Effects的搭建了上海工作室。上海OP之后,他仍将继续担任OP雅加达的总经——这也是唯一得以保留的OP分支。

Douglas joined OP in September 2015, having been instrumental in setting up the Shanghai facility of Australian postproduction company Fin Design + Effects the previous year.  He will continue in his previous role as general manager of Oriental Post Jakarta, the only remaining OP branch.



Though the Shanghai studio has enjoyed some successes in its first year, it seems they have fallen victim to the cash flow problems caused by delayed payments that are endemic in the Chinese advertising industry.

The closure is a blow to China’s commercial postproduction industry. The market’s biggest players agree that the presence of high-end houses raises the quality of the postproduction landscape as a whole, which only attracts more clients to have work executed locally and draws more top talent into the ecosystem. 

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