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One Week Left To Enter Ad Stars – Final Deadline 15th June
AD Stars奖的作品提交将于一周内截止:2016年6月15日周三


AD Stars奖的作品提交将于一周内截止:2016年6月15日周三

作为全球唯一的最高奖金额10000美元的广告奖项,AD STARS的作品提交是免费的——整合营销单元的参赛作品收取部分参赛费。

举办于韩国釜山的AD STARS是亚洲最大的广告节,它面向广告从业者,影视制作公司,学生以及非业内人员开放。

AD STARS的作品以及参加申请可以于全年任何时候(早于6月15日)提交,以参与2016年度8月25至27日的全场大奖,金奖,银奖与铜奖的竞争。

本届AD STARS是该奖项第九次举办,主办方将在韩国釜山举办为期3天的庆典与颁奖仪式。

“全球范围内有许多广告创意奖项,但是AD STARS是独一无二的,因为它不收取任何参赛费用——任何广告公司与制作公司都可以参加。今年我们大概会收到来自70个国家的超过20000件作品。”AD STARS执行委员会联合主席Eui Ja Lee说。

联合主席Hwan Jin Choi说:“另外一件将AD STARS与其它奖项区分开来的事情是,我们会为全场大奖获得者提供10000美元的奖金。我们相信好的创意可以打造好的品牌与生活。(为获奖者提供奖金)我们希望支持广告产业打造更好的创意与想法。”

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The final entry deadline for the 9thAD STARS Awards closes in one week’s time: Wednesday15th June 2016.

AD STARS is the only global advertising festival to reward two US$10,000 cash prizes to its Grand Prix of the Year winners. It is free to enter AD STARS, although this year for the first time there is an entry fee attached to the Integrated category. 

Based in Busan, South Korea, AD STARS is the biggest advertising festival in Asia by virtue of the fact that it is open to everyone including advertising professionals, production companies, students and non-professionals. 

Entries to AD STARS can be submitted online at any time of the year, however only those entries received prior to 15thJune will be in the running to win Grand Prix, Gold, Silver or Bronze medals at the AD STARS awards on 27th August 2016.

The AD STARS awards will conclude the 9th AD STARS festival, a three-day festival of ideas and creativity that will run from 25th – 27th August 2016 in Busan, South Korea. 

“There are a lot of advertising festivals globally, but AD STARS is unique because it is free to enter, which makes it very democratic – every agency and production company of any size can afford to enter. This year, we’re hoping to receive 20,000 entries from 70 countries,” says Eui Ja Lee, Co-chairperson of the AD STARS Executive Committee.

Co-chairperson Hwan Jin Choi says: “Another thing that sets AD STARS apart is our US$10,000 cash prizes for Grand Prix of the Year. At AD STARS, we truly believe creativity can build brands, and change lives. By offering two cash prizes, we hope to support the industry to continually raise the benchmark for ideas and innovation.”

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