Women’s Perspectives: DIRECTOR LydiaH 女性视角: 导演韩夏

SHP+ continues on the issue of minor representation of female filmmakers in China. Women’s Perspectives is a series of articles where we interview women filmmakers to give exposure to their name and their work, but also talk about their dreams, challenges … »

Touching Studio : An authentic touch to advertising|以真心触动广告

When SHP+ met with creatives of the production house Touching Studio, we ended up not knowing about the company’s establishment in 2012, or its early days, or even the reason behind the company’s name, because for them—that’s all history. Touching Studio lives and operates in … »

​Weekly AD|「Be Your Own Champion」Touching Studio x Gerhan

 CREDITS 制片团队 Client:Champion Creative/Production: Touching Studio Director: Gerhan Executive Producer: Roy Ling AD: MIHAKOO Line Producer: Yang Tao Production Coordinator: Feng Feng / Panda D.O.P.: Binbin Styling: ReSet Styling Studio Post Director / Editor: Roy Ling SFX supervisor: Gary Guan Colorist: 阿瓜@MPC / MZ Studio  

Weekly AD |「MonsterEnergy x 王者荣耀」TouchingStudio x 黄立行

MonsterEnergy x TouchingStudio x 黄立行 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户 | MonsterEnergy Creative / Production: Touching Studio Executive Producer 制片人 | Yang Tao Director 导演 | 葛尔汉 Gerhan D.O.P. 摄影师 | Allen Lv spokesman 代言人 | 黄立行 Production Designer 艺术指导 | Ping … »

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