Kevin Lee’s Journey to Creative Film Directing|Kevin Lee的创意导演之路

Kevin Lee 李兆光 Director at Farfar Films Farfar Films 导演 Malaysian-born China-based Kevin Lee had had many chapters in the advertising industry for more than 26 years until he co-founded FARFAR films and settled as a commercial film director. His journey … »

Father’s Day Combo 父亲节的广告故事

Beclouded by Chinese New Year and Mother’s Day, Father’s Day was never a big deal in China. However, the holiday has picked up in recent years, and advertising agencies are seizing the occasion to create elaborate film scripts. 前有春节的喜气未散,后有母亲节的温情萦绕,在中国,父亲节似乎从未引起过太多的关注。然而,近年来庆祝父亲节的人越来越多,广告公司们瞅准了机会,开始围绕父亲节这一主题,精心地做起了文章。 These … »

Weekly AD |「我是女子司机」腾讯地图 x 天与空TianYuKong

  腾讯地图 x 天与空TianYuKong x 肖田Jacky CREDITS 制片团队 Client | 客户:腾讯地图 Agency | 代理商:天与空 TianYuKong Director | 导演:肖田 Jacky Producer | 制片:小麦 DOP | 摄影:张磊 Gaffer | 灯光师: 张亮亮 Editor | 剪辑师:王润泽 TC | 调色:张英杰 Sound Engineer | 录音师:闫小鹏  

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