When the Hand is the Hero … |当手变“英雄”

LOL 出手即英雄 When the best of the best in esports comes to Shanghai for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, it calls for a promo spot that matches the magnitude and awe of the event. LOL 出手即英雄, Director Roni Shao‘s … »

Raw and Truthful: Roni Shao’s Directing Path|原生与真诚:邵黎俊的导演之路

邵黎俊 Roni Shao https://www.ronishao.com/ Shanghai-based director Roni Shao never had a formal education in commercial filmmaking. Still, he worked on projects for Nike, was in charge of celebrity relations at Adidas, and produced documentary films for VICE. Now, under his … »

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