Father’s Day Combo 父亲节的广告故事

Beclouded by Chinese New Year and Mother’s Day, Father’s Day was never a big deal in China. However, the holiday has picked up in recent years, and advertising agencies are seizing the occasion to create elaborate film scripts. 前有春节的喜气未散,后有母亲节的温情萦绕,在中国,父亲节似乎从未引起过太多的关注。然而,近年来庆祝父亲节的人越来越多,广告公司们瞅准了机会,开始围绕父亲节这一主题,精心地做起了文章。 These … »

An Oreos Game of Thrones | Oreos的《权力的游戏》

Blue Focus and Red Horse media tasked Republic Studios with the enormous job of animating the construction of the Forbidden City using only Oreos in just one month. Using the title sequence of Game of Thrones as a guide, Oreo … »

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