Dunlop – Run Towards Challenge | 邓禄普 – 向前路 不停步

Tennis superstar Wang Qiang highlights how Dunlop Tires can elevate performance in their latest film. Directed by the celebrated JB Lee, Dentsu Shanghai and Gwantsi Shanghai teamed with MPC to create a full CG 360-degree world. MPC团队与李静波导演、上海观池、上海电通合作,为邓禄普轮胎打造出一部恢弘巨作。此影片是以国内知名网球运动员王蔷为主角,MPC创作出360度的三维世界,来为大家展现出邓禄普是如何最大限度得提升你的表现和发挥。 With an ever-evolving … »

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