Mercedes-Benz New AD – Unapologetically On-Trend|不客气,正当红

The latest commercial film for Mercedes-Benz uses every tool in the “ad box“ to appeal to the younger generation. Directed by Zou Fei, the 2-minute spot mixes stunning visuals that change at breakneck speed, dazzling VFX, astonishing choreography, video games, fashion … »

Zou Fei delivering CNY mood|导演邹飞影片中的年味

Unfortunately, because of the current caronavirus crisis, this hasn’t been the Spring Festival that everyone was hoping for or expecting, with millions stuck at home or worrying for the friends and relatives while on holidays. But for at least a … »

Weekly AD |「囊中之物」大都市Numéro x Craft Creations

大都市Numéro x Craft Creations CREDITS 制片团队 Clients 客户:大都市Numéro Production House 制作公司:Craft Creations Creative Director 创意总监: Karchun Leung Director 导演:Hanqi Li Executive Producer & Stylist 执行制片:Riri Chu Colorist 调色:Cindy Music 音乐:Hank Lee Editor 剪辑:Man  

Weekly AD |「假如宇宙是个粽子」五芳斋 x SociaLab 环时互动 x 1LIN1 Studios

五芳斋 x SociaLab 环时互动 x 1LIN1 Studios CREDITS 制片团队 客户 Client:五芳斋 代理 Agency:SociaLab 环时互动 制片公司 Production House : 1LIN1 Studios 导演 Director :LIN 特效团队Special-effects:RUSH MEDIA 制片 Producer:Shaun 调色 Colour  : Craft Creations 美术指导 Art Director : 绘马视觉  

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