​Weekly AD|「环球夜拍之旅」意类GOODZILLA x Achill明晰制作 x 丁丁

 CREDITS 制片团队  Client 客户:vivo Agency 代理:意类GOODZILLA Production 制作公司:Achill明晰制作 Executive Producer 监制:Mika Producer 制片:毛毛 Director 导演:丁丁 DP 摄影:刘陆录 Colorist&Online:HUE post production Art 美术:聂浩森 Editor 剪辑:陈一一 Music 作曲:ATYANG杨挺乔  

The odder, the better: Gen-Z beauty ads|越奇特越好:Z世代的美妆广告

Chando’s active campaign targeting young consumers continues in full force. In a recent commercial, Shanghai-based production house Achill brought to life Ogilvy’s vision of “fantasy office”… and the result is pleasantly odd. Running almost 4 minutes, the spot follows a story of the new … »

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