​Weekly AD|「重构厨房想象」SG胜加 x 37Film x 徐子豪

 CREDITS 制片团队 Client 客户:FOTILE 方太 Agency 广告公司:SG胜加 ECD 执行创意总监:刘鹏 Associate Creative Director 创意副总监:宋博、葛健 Senior Copywriter 资深文案:蔡文涛 Assiociate Account 客户副总监:崔琦 Senior Account Executive 资深客户执行:曹梦娇 Production Manager 制作经理:吴俊杰 Production House 制作公司:37Film EP 监制:周佳莹 Producer制片:许继铭 Director 导演:徐子豪 DoP 摄影指导:安辉 1Assistant Director 副导演:李玖怡 Art Director … »

Hot Pink with Attitude|亮粉色的态度

To a foreigner, unknowing of the intricacies of the Chinese language, the recent Tencent campaign might be a bit of conundrum. Why a pink scotch tape seems to be the remedy for everything, from scaring away an annoying salesperson to … »

Kitchen Dilemma|厨房困局

Rapid development of takeout platforms and the usual exhausting work rhythm increasingly make kitchens the least used space in homes of young Chinese urbanites. Add overall small apartment space and we’re facing a tempting question: do modern homes still need … »

Zou Fei delivering CNY mood|导演邹飞影片中的年味

Unfortunately, because of the current caronavirus crisis, this hasn’t been the Spring Festival that everyone was hoping for or expecting, with millions stuck at home or worrying for the friends and relatives while on holidays. But for at least a … »

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