ADFEST 2017 Lotus Awards Winners Announced: Part 2 | 2017亚太广告节最终获奖名单公布:第2部分

第20届亚太广告节3月25日于泰国芭提雅正式落下帷幕。 The 20th ADFEST wrapped up this year’s four-day Festival with an Awards Presentation at PEACH, Royal Cliff Hotels Group in Pattaya, Thailand on Saturday, 25th March 2017. 来自全球69个城市的近1200名代表参加了这一广告界盛会,在现场聆听来自全球广告界著名人士的发言,参与研讨、社交,并最终见证了从3011件入围作品中评选出来的最终获奖者。 Close to 1200 delegates from 69 cities in total attended the … »

2017ADFEST Reveals Juries | 2017亚太广告节公布评审名单

2017亚太广告节预定与3月22日至3月25日在泰国芭提雅举办。随着开幕临近,广告节主办方日前正式公布了第20届亚太广告节各项莲花奖的评审名单。 今年总共有56位评审分别来自20个不同城市将参与9大奖项的评审工作。 With just one week before ADFEST 2017 launches on 22nd to 25th March, ADFEST has revealed its full line-up of juries, who will begin arriving in Pattaya, Thailand to judge the 20th ADFEST Lotus Awards this weekend. There … »

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