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New Borgward spot is fun and flashy! | 宝沃汽车上演炫目有趣广告!


Borgward BX7 SUV

Borgward, a German car brand with ‘Chinese characteristics’, recently released a flashy spot to introduce its new BX7 SUV.  Produced by DMG and directed by Andreas Grassl, a German director who used his years of directing knowledge and experience shooting in China, to pull off the spot in just two intense days of studio shooting.

德国宝沃汽车品牌颇有一番“中国特色”,最近,它上演了一部炫目广告,全新BX7 SUV登录中国。该片由DMG制作完成,德国导演Andreas Grassl凭借他多年的导演专业知识和在中国拍片的丰富经验,指导团队开展了两天紧锣密鼓的室内拍摄,呈现出了这则广告。

The alluring mix of lights and liquids are used to slowly reveal the new car model.  The sixty second cut teases the viewer with close-ups and cinematic shots as Grassl envisioned, “going from close to wide, unclear to clear, and blurry to sharp”.  Set to futuristic beats done by Sizzer, a music house based in Amsterdam, the entire vehicle isn’t fully revealed until the final moments of the spot.



The shoot required meticulous planning to find the right timing and combination of lasers, backgrounds, colors, and movements. Grassl shared that they “shot everything with at least four different lighting setups and combinations”.  Having these different cuts available aided in the editing process and cut out the need for any VFX post work.


A creative from the agency joked that they should have sold tickets to the shoot because the set-up and swirling lights were so mesmerizing.  Grassl, himself, commented he would not get tired of work if every shoot were like this one with so many stunning set ups, “it actually looked like a huge stage performance”.  It was an amazing experience for the whole team to see their ideas go from paper to a massive stage-like performance.


The car brand, originally founded in 1924 by German engineer Carl F.W. Borgward, was bought in 2014 by a Chinese state-owned bus maker, Beiqi Foton Motors Company for 5 million euros ($5.3 million).  The brand tries to play down its Chinese ownership while promoting its German history and engineering, a tactic used to entice young white-collar Chinese workers who are drawn to foreign car brands and particularly German car brands.  According to Bloomberg, one in five cars on China’s roads hail from a German brand .

1924年, 德国工程师卡尔·宝沃创立了宝沃汽车品牌。2014年,中国国有汽车制造品牌北汽福田以500万欧元(530万美元)收购了宝沃汽车。但是,公司并没有大肆宣传易主之事,而是想推广汽车的德国血统和工艺,这样的策略是为了吸引年轻的中国白领阶层,他们都很崇尚洋车,尤其是德国汽车。彭博社报道显示,在中国,每五辆车中就有一辆德国车。

Credits 制片团队
Client 客户:Borgward
Agency 广告公司: DMG
Production 制片公司:DMG
Director 导演: Andreas Grassl
DoP 摄影师:Olivier Maier
Art Director 艺术:Zorana Zen
Offline Editor 线外编辑:Carolina Periera
Online Editor 线上编辑:Film Vally
Music 音作: Sizzer, Amsterdam


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