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Mother Shanghai gets the moon for OnePlus|Mother上海为一加手机 “揽星摘月”


How does a phone company usually promote the launch of a new product? They often build up anticipation by showing the new phone’s features and design, while harnessing the PR power of a celebrity or famous brand ambassador. Well, OnePlus went in a totally different direction.


In their new film, introducing a partnership between OnePlus and Hasselblad, a playful moon takes center stage. This nod to Hasselblad’s legacy, which gained traction as the first camera on the moon during NASA’s moon landing, sets the direction. In the press release, the agency comments: “The idea behind this campaign – every legacy begins with a simple thought – is so simple but backed by such a strong truth, and that’s when we knew we could take this far and really have fun with it.”

在他们最新的广告大片中,一加展示了与瑞典摄影品牌哈苏的合作,并把调皮的月亮当作故事的主角。在美国宇航局NASA登月期间,哈苏作为第一个登上月球上的照相机获得了广泛关注,而该广告便是对哈苏的传奇品牌故事致敬,并以此作为市场宣传的方向。在新闻发布会上,相关代理评论道: “这场活动背后的理念便是:每一个传奇,都始于一个简单的想法,这个理念虽然很简单,但背后有着强有力的事实作为支撑,也是从那时起,我们知道我们可以走得更远,玩得尽兴。”

The romantic, lovely, artistic film for global launch is made to resonate with a larger audience.

Envisioned by agency Mother Shanghai, brought to life by production companies Unlisted and FINCH, “Lunarland” carries a distinctive cinematic touch. Unsurprisingly so, as the agency enlisted the help of a renowned Hollywood director Michael Gracey. Gracey is known for elevating his films with visual effects and a touch of whimsy. The director’s commitment to make remote production work for the challenging 3 days shoot in Melbourne during Chinese New Year, was as important as his creative input.

这部面向全球发行,浪漫又可爱的艺术电影旨在与更多观众产生共鸣。《Lunarland》(月光之地)由影业公司Mother上海构思,由UnlistedFINCH制片公司推出,它有着一种别样的电影风格。当然,得益于好莱坞著名导演Michael Gracey的帮忙,这份独特也是意料之中。Michael Gracey因其电影中的视觉效果与奇思妙想而为人们所熟知。该电影于春节期间在墨尔本进行了为期三天,极具挑战性的远程拍摄,而最终的成功离不开导演巧妙的创意,以及对项目全身心的投入。

Michael Gracey

A combination of factors created a perceivable feel-good vibe to the commercial. The giant moon, which wasn’t done in CG but was physically present on set, is really treated as the main character. As the director shared in the behind the scenes video:  “The playfulness of the moon is something so important for a film like this. It’s this character that has a sort of youthful, or childlike curiosity. And so the movement, the light is what creates the magic. It’s such a beautiful notion to shoot and have your light source present in each shot. Instead of the moon just bouncing, it’s about having a little of backspin, it’s about peering over with a subtle roll. Each of these motions just brings it to life”.


The commercial film is generating 1.5M views on OnePlus’s official Weibo alone, suggests the audience agrees with the director. Although short, the film is packed with details, and in words of Michael Gracey: “You get so excited about seeing the commercial again, because you think: what else did I miss?”.

这部广告大片仅在一加科技的官方微博上就获得了150万的点击量,这表明观众完全体会到了导演的创意与用心。影片虽然篇幅不长,但却细节满满,用Michael Gracey导演自己的话来说就是:“你会迫不及待地再看一遍,心想着:是不是还有什么我没注意到的精彩细节?


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