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MM&DD launches Anna Sui’s new activewear line | 法国导演团队在中国发布新款安娜苏运动系列


director’s cut

Anna Sui is one of the most renowned and beloved American fashion designers of our time. Originally from Detroit, Sui is the daughter of French-educated Chinese emigrants. Her mother’s family is the prominent Fang clan of Tongcheng Anhui and 18th generation descendent of Fang Bao the influential poet, among other notable ancestors. She is known for her contemporary original clothing in which she incorporates cultural and historical references with exquisite attention to detail. In spring 2019 she launched her activewear collection exclusively for the Chinese market, where she has been known already for her fragrances. The collection will be available online on Tmall, as well as in the first Shanghai store, opening in June.


In order to make the activewear stand out in the competitive world of activewear and convey the designer’s message in the alternative fashion universe, two French, Shanghai-based directors Didier Denise and Marc Mehanni found themselves responsible for embodying the new style that is Anna Sui Activewear.

为了让其运动服系列在世界范围内的竞争产品中独树一帜,并能更好地传达设计者在时尚界的理念,两位在上海工作的法国籍导演Didier Denise 和Marc Mehanni 承担起了让安娜苏运动系列展现新风尚的任务。

Marc Mehanni & Adrianne Ho & Didier Denise

“We are freelancers and we were working directly with the client, with no agency and no production houses. The client found us online and he liked our portfolio, so they contacted us directly. After the pitch, they put also put us in charge of the artistic direction, making it a really unique position for us as directors; where we were also responsible for the positioning of the brand in the Chinese market. This kind of freedom does not happen often, and we wanted to bring something new, to be the leaders and not followers and to really take a different approach from what every major brands are doing.”


Anna Sui brand is all about women, it is flowery, whimsical, colorful and dreamy. Her woman is a feminine girl and Anna Sui Activewear portrays this woman very well. The co-directors’ and artistic directors’ challenge was major as they had a difficult task to create the perfect balance which the brand deserves. The client loved their different approach and was very receptive of their vision, which is staying true to the customers and respecting the brand’s heritage.


Adrianne Ho

“We feel that all of the major activewear brands have the same vibe. Everybody is remiss to give you their strong vision and identity, and we wanted to present a different approach. We started from the heritage of Anna Sui and we didn’t want to ruin its treasure by doing what everybody else is doing. The client told us to be bold and to be as creative as we can be and I believe we delivered”, Marc noted.


Marc Mehanni

“Our six key visuals tell a story of a strong woman with a lot of personality. Anna Sui’s woman is a feminine one, but not a less powerful one. On the contrary, she shows her strong voice in her own world and that she can achieve everything men can achieve but in a different kind of way. This collection is about feeling good in your body and wellness. She is not fighting like a man, she has already won the fight. The campaign was shot in one day with the model Adrianne Ho, who is the embodiment of this woman, and working with her was pure magic”, said Didier.

“我们将从六个主视角讲述一位极具个性的女强人的故事。安娜苏的客户虽然是女性,但不逊色于男性。相反,她会在自己的世界里张扬个性,能以不同的方式实现一切男性能做的事情。这个系列是关于自信和健康的。她不会像男性一样去拼搏,因为她早已取得了胜利。活动会持续一天,我们邀请了模特Adrianne Ho,她是女性形象的化身,将会以她的魔力展现安娜苏的特点。” Didier说。

Marc and Didier have a unique work connection, as they like to say 1+1=3. The co directors have been working together for three years. Didier has been living in Shanghai for 15 years and has an extensive movie background. Marc, who has been living in Shanghai for 6 years comes from a photography background and takes pride in being very technical. Together they complement each other in a very special way that shows very clearly in their work.

Marc 和 Didier以一种与众不同的工作方式进行联手,就如他们所说的1+1=3。这两位联合制作人在一起工作已经三年了。Didier在上海住了15年,有着广泛的电影工作背景。Marc,以前从事摄影工作,在上海生活了六年,因其高超的技艺而自豪。如今他们二人联手,相得益彰,以独特的方式在工作中表达二人的理念。

Marc Mehanni & Adrianne Ho & Didier Denise

“I believe that cooperation with Marc brings the spark into our work as he is a young and a very talented individual. We argue a lot and we debate, but the end result is this incredible product that would not be possible without one another”, Didier pointed out.


“Our platonic work marriage gives us the advantage to have a partner and a critic always by your side,” said Marc. He then explained: “We both say action, we both say cut, together, then I talk to the director of photography and he talks to the talent. Our workflow is different from everybody else’s, but this is our main strength”.


Anna Sui has been present on the market for the last 10 years, selling fragrances. The new activewear line will be sold in stores starting from 1st of June and online on Tmall.



Client 客户 | Anna Sui Active

Directors 导演 | Marc Mehanni & Didier Denise

Director of photography 摄影指导 | Jeffrey Weil

2NDCamera Operator 摄影大助 | Adele Storace

Camera: Zhang Cheng, Yu XiaoChen,

Gaffer 灯光师 | Mo Guanghai

Equipment company 器材公司| @ND Film Rental

Production Designer 美术指导 | Marc Mehanni & Didier Denise

Costume Team & Makeup 造型组 & 化妆师 | Ivy Plume – Anna Sui Cosmetics – Ken Xu

Producer 制片 | Natacha Devilliers

Production Company : Zorba

Assistant Executive Producer 执行监制 | Xiao Mei

Editor 剪辑师 | Marc Mehanni & Didier Denise


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