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MATCH Dares to go Fresh & Bold for HFP | 马马也为HFP打造新鲜大胆风格广告


HomeFacialPro (HFP) isn’t like other Chinese skincare brands. They go for “simple and effective” over gimmicks, both in the ingredient list and packaging. Despite being on the market for only two years, HFP generated 1 billion RMB in e-commerce alone – no marketing, no retail. They relied solely on word-of-mouth for great product sales. But with no marketing activities, HFP hadn’t crafted a brand image.



HomeFacialPro’s first TVC by MATCH,starring Wang Yibo

So when HFP came to MATCH, an independent creative agency in Shanghai, they needed to create a brand identity for an audience that already knew its products.


Behind the scenes with Wang Yibo

MATCH worked closely with HFP to understand their identity and create a visual story that interpreted their “Be Pro” brand spirit. Wang Yibo, HFP’s new brand ambassador and star of the TVC, proved to be both the highlight of working on set and an initial challenge. A Chinese K-pop star, dancer and motorcycle enthusiast, Yibo’s natural strengths were leveraged to bring to life the brand’s bold, fresh attitude.

马马也跟HFP紧密合作,了解品牌识别,打造视觉故事,诠释“Be Pro”的品牌精神。王一博是HFP信任品牌大使,倾情出演TVC,他不仅仅是片场的一大亮点,而且在初期也让团队面临一些挑战。他是韩国偶像团体出身,热爱舞蹈和机车,他的天然气质也契合了品牌大胆新颖的态度。


Jeremy Guo, Creative Partner at MATCH, said, “Yibo has endorsed a lot of brands and products, and many of those ads depict his dancing talent, but they rarely utilize it well. So when we mentioned that the script required dancing, his team was reluctant at first, because they were afraid of over-using the artist the same way. But we insisted, because we firmly believed dancing is an indispensable element of the ‘Be Pro’ spirit.”

Jeremy Guo是马马也的创意合伙人,他说,“一博曾为很多品牌和产品代言过,很多广告都表现了他的舞蹈天赋,但是却很少有人能真正用好。所以我们提出要让他跳舞时,他的团队担心过度消费艺人,所以最开始是排斥的。但是我们还是坚持认为舞蹈是品牌“Be Pro”精神不可或缺的一部分。

MATCH’s style of interpreting creative concepts were unique, and they were eventually able to sway Yibo’s team by working closely on the proposal together.


“I still remember how surprised the artist [Yibo] and his team were when they stepped into the studio on the day of the filming,” says Guo. “Such a large-scale and professional production definitely exceeded their expectations.”


Director Tao Wright, Yibo and team onset
导演Tao Wright,一博和团队在片场

MATCH also made a bold choice of director with Tao Wright. An established director, executive producer and founder of Black + Cameron production studio, this was a departure from Wright’s usual storytelling style. “The moment I finished the script, the first candidate in my mind was [Wright] and his team. HFP is a local brand, but it hopes to build a more international brand image. As an Australian director who has lived in China for almost 12 years, Tao is the perfect fit for this project,” said Guo from MATCH. “This was a new attempt and challenge for him [to work on a lifestyle brand]. So when he participated in the second-round creation and handed in his director’s treatment, he surprised the client and me. His participation generated a new kind of spark on the project.”

马马也选择跟导演Tao Wright合作也是很大胆的选择,他是很成熟的导演和监制,也是Black+Cameron制作公司的创始人。这一次的项目也跟导演此前惯常的故事风格不同。“我一完成脚本,第一个出现在脑海的人就是Wright和他的团队。HFP是本土品牌,但是希望打造国际品牌形象。Tao来自澳大利亚,来中国已经将近12年了,完美契合了这个项目,”来自马马也的Jeremy如是说。“这对他来说也是全新的尝试和挑战,做一个跟生活方式相关的品牌。所以他参与二次创作,交出导演Treatment时,我和客户都很惊喜。他的参与给项目带来了不一样的火花。”


Viewer comments from fans of the spot: “I really love this ad‘s creativity. You guys even mixed Yibo’s favorites, dance and motorcycles, with skin care products. It’s so original and it’s a high-quality shoot. Thanks HFP!”

After two months from receiving the brief to releasing the spot, the resulting work is sleek, fluid and minimal. The shoot took two days between a Shanghai set and Chaka Salt Lake in Qinghai. True to the HFP brand, the success of the TVC is being built the same as their products – by word of mouth. MATCH shared the spot without description, and only reposted comments from fans and viewers to build earnest buzz about the brand.



Credits 制片团队

Clients | 客户: HomeFacial Pro

Creative | 创意:MATCH 马马也

Production | 制作公司:Black Cameron 黑开唛

Director | 导演:Tao Wright

EP | 监制 : Jeff Yang

DOP | 摄影指导:查洋子/李子文

Post director/Editor | 后期/剪辑: Richard MettlerTC: Benjamin Conkey

Music | 音乐: Divine Musique

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